Photo, name of Bent Street man mistakenly published as bandit

Photo, name of Bent Street man mistakenly published as bandit
As reports of the attempted robbery staged at Republic Bank on Tuesday continues to flood the media, a Bent Street man was mistakenly identified as one of the bandits involved in the foiled attack.
Guyana Times would like to inform the public that Jemel Douglas of Bent Street,

Suspected bandit: Keron Saunders

Georgetown, was in no way involved in the attack on Republic Bank, despite information previously published by this newspaper.
In an interview with Guyana Times, Douglas who was mistakenly named in the robbery presented his alibi, proving that he was not a part of the attempt and that his name and photo should not have been published.
“When this happen, I was going out and sell,” Douglas pointed out, noting that he was later notified about the robbery.
Subsequently, Police reports had also confirmed his innocence, naming Elton Wray, Jamal Haynes and Keron Saunders as the three bandits.
In the published article which appeared in Guyana Times, Douglas was inadvertently mistaken for Keron Saunders after our reporter received incorrect information from a usually reliable contact at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.
Moreover, the wrongfully accused went on to say that he was not aware of the incident but was informed by his mother of Wray’s demise. Additionally, Douglas

Jemel Douglas

did indicate that he was acquainted with the now dead perpetrator, Elton Wray.
“I didn’t know he was a guy like this. I think he was a humble guy.”
Douglas even noted that Wray offered him counsel in the past but he was eventually forced to distance himself from the now dead man.
Nonetheless, Guyana Times apologises to Douglas and his family for the inadvertent publication.
Meanwhile, the other suspected bandits – Jamal Haynes and Keron Saunders – were both injured in the shootout during the foiled robbery at Republic Bank.