Plans afoot for shuttle system to address city congestion – M&CC

As the struggle continues for minibus and taxi operators to adjust since being relocated, Town Clerk Royston King disclosed to Guyana Times on Thursday, that plans are afoot to implement mechanisms to ease traffic congestion in the city.

According to an earlier interview with King, it was revealed that discussions were ongoing by Mayor and City Council (M&CC) to begin a ‘shuttle system’ within the city. He said that in the midst of reorganising the transport system, there is hope for the existence of terminals at the outer parts of the city.

“Part of the discussion some time ago, when we were looking at reorganising our transport system, was looking at having terminals on the outskirts of the city and using shuttles or other buses to bring people in and takeshuttle bus (clean) them out.’’

King highlighted that this plan is to create a permanent solution towards the congestion within the city, by preventing the need to park in Georgetown. He however could not specify when and where the terminals will be situated as the idea was still being discussed.

“Just to give you an idea, for example, if buses coming down from Diamond, Grove… we can have a terminal at Industrial Site. That’s where they will park. Then you take something (shuttle or another bus) from Industrial Site that would bring you into town to do your shopping, while it takes others out. There will be no parking really, around there (Stabroek Market area).’’

The Town Clerk further highlighted that there was no intention to increase transportation expenses for individuals through this ‘shuttle system’ enforcement.

King pointed out that this project was not only seen as a better means of transportation but as the opening of many job opportunities for individuals.

Renting of cycles

The Town Clerk also added that cycle usage within the city is highly recommended as it serves to reduce the high level of vehicular congestion. King also relayed that the M&CC have discussed the possibility of renting cycles to persons to traverse the city, after the ‘shuttle system’ has been enforced. “We have to encourage more cycling within the city, as that too can help with the congestion. Cause rather than you taking a whole car to come in, you can use a cycle.

The council is looking at that to see whether we can perhaps buy the cycles and rent it at a small fee, and people can use it to go around. So even if you come down to town in the shuttle, you can get a cycle to ride easily.’’

King said that in the plans to “elevate the status of the city and make it way tourist friendly,’’ much more will be done by the M&CC.