…the (fox) fool

In the Peanuts comic strip, there’s a running gag where Lucy repeatedly sets up Charlie Brown by holding a football for him to kick then pulling it away at the last second!! Charlie always ends up on his ass as he kicks!! The point, of course, is that there are many like Charlie, who never learn!! Mad Maduro clearly thinks that we, Guyanese, suffer from the Charlie Brown “naivety syndrome”!! He keeps promising “peace”, and even though he launches aggressive diplomatic, economic, and even military moves, we keep hoping that “this time” he means well!!
So, he’s just submitted to the ICJ – just before the stipulated time ran out! – his arguments outlining Venezuela’s position as to why the 1899 Arbitral Award is void because of fraud, and why all of Essequibo is theirs!! Now, this is the same man who told the ICJ – through his VP Delcy Rodriguez – to take a hike when the ICJ ruled it had jurisdiction to hear the case Guyana had brought in 2018. They were consistent in insisting that – contrary to the clear words of the Geneva Agreement which they had signed in 1966 – only direct negotiations between Venezuela and Guyana could resolve the controversy they’d raised in 1962 at the UN.
Guyana has now “welcomed” Mad Maduro’s submission, even though, based on his past actions, this is just a gambit. On December 1 last, hadn’t the ICJ indicated its provisional measures after Mad Maduro announced in October a referendum on Dec 3 to authorise him to annex Essequibo?? Hadn’t that international court called on Venezuela to refrain from “taking any action which would modify the situation that currently prevails in the territory in dispute, whereby Guyana administers and exercises control over that area”?
And what did Mad Maduro do?? He pulled the ball away from us, and blithely went ahead with the referendum; claimed he received 90% support; executed his “annexation” – which is an act of war – then just passed an “organic law” that Essequibo’s a province of Venezuela!! Take THAT, Charlie Brown Guyana!!
Then, of course, he’d put another ball in front of us after his annexation announcement on Dec 8 at Argyle – courtesy of his chum Ralph Gonsalves, whom he’d bribed!! Where we kicked and promptly fell on our asses when he amassed a massive number of troops on our border!!
So, we gotta accept that the madman on our western border is crazy like a fox. He knows exactly what he’s doing to single-mindedly pursue Venezuela’s historic gripe on Essequibo: they wuz robbed!! Maduro knows the ICJ ain’t ruling for another two years – and in the meantime, he’s gonna rig his elections and continue in power to threaten us!!
He’ll then kick the ICJ’s nuts when they rule!!

…at the Security Council
The UN Security Council (UNSC) met yesterday to discuss the border controversy. We’re a member. Your Eyewitness predicts it’ll be a repetition of its last Dec 8 meeting following Mad Maduro’s referendum. This is what they announced: “Secretary-General Guiterrez emphasised that he strongly supports the use of solely peaceful means to settle international disputes. He further recalled that pursuant to the UN Charter and the Statute of the ICJ, the court’s decisions are binding, and added that he trusts that both states will comply with the court’s 1 December order indicating provisional measures on the case. (Ha!!)
Council members urge a peaceful resolution to the territorial dispute, and express concern about its possible ramifications on the region. Many Council members urge respect for multilateralism and adherence to international law, and express support for the ICJ. While some members — including the US and European members — regret Venezuela’s actions, others did specifically denounce Venezuela’s role in the situation.
The Council members will issue a press statement.”

Caricom claims that in adoption of “the Organic Law”, Mad Maduro’s government “acted unilaterally, precipitously, and potentially dangerously” in view of the Argyle Declaration!! Your Eyewitness is waiting (but not holding his breath) for Ralph and Mia’s denunciation!!