Plea to Dr Ralph Gonsalves

Dear Editor,
It is obvious to everyone — including His Holiness the Pope — who exactly is pulling the strings of Chief Elections Officer Keith Lowenfield.
This brief missive is to emphasise what most Guyanese, including very many who voted for APNU/AFC, have concluded; which is that talk is no longer being heard.
It is my humble opinion that the time has come for action (indeed, many have expressed the view that the time for such action was months ago) to be taken. Caricom heads must discuss the suspension of Guyana now. The immediate past Chairperson, Honourable Mia Mottley, PM of Barbados, has done her best (thanks, Ms Mia Mottley) to try to resolve the matter, and in the process suffered at the hands and mouths of the riggers, for which the majority of Guyanese apologise.
It is now up to the current Chairman of Caricom, the Honourable Dr Ralph Gonsalves, to take immediate action to bring the usurpers of power to their senses.
Immediate suspension from Caricom could be the catalyst to the OAS, the Commonwealth and other bodies and institutions to follow suit.
It is a pity, a shame, a disgrace, that resort has to be made to such a call. On the local “front”, the pussyfooting and the “kid’s gloves” treatment of Lowenfield and his ilk at GECOM has to be ended. He has, in the opinion of many, been grossly insubordinate; and, in the words of one Commissioner, “He eyes pass the Commission”.
ONE man, on the instructions of his handlers (including some newly “minted” Senior Counsel, who don’t even have law degrees) is holding a nation to ransom.
Enough is enough. Lowenfield must be sanctioned by GECOM now.
Let Guyana breathe again, please!

Harry N Nawbatt