Plotting …inside the PNC

The minnows struggling to “cast out” Norton and his team from the PNC – so that they can “do their thing” in the Treasury if we go by the history of their party! – continue to get increasingly desperate. And we know that desperate people will do desperate things that are by definition extreme – so there’s the danger of unintended consequences. In the meantime, with his legs quite weak at this stage of his life – you think having a tuk with the boys at Bam bam alley every night is easy?! – Norton seems to be using Ali’s old rope-a-dope strategy to wear them down before he strikes back!
Having shown they’ll play the race card early in the game, the hotheads figure it’s their “trump” (!) to peg the PPP on their back foot. And boy are they playing it to the hilt!! Trouble is, they haven’t managed to get rid of the Jokers in the pack and with Jesse’s son in the house, played their “race” trump at every opportunity!! Out in Linden– where they had boycotted the independence celebration Burnham had “won” as his 30 pieces of silver –  they complained about everything under the sun – and then some – of what the PPP had done to them!! They seem to forget that this ain’t the Congressman’s first rodeo!! They tried the same thing at Mocha – and your Eyewitness fully expected someone would be rolling in the mud to show the Congressman exactly how they were violated when they were being evicted for squatting and had gotten alternative land!!
Now lo and behold we have floods in Region 9 from the extreme rainfall there and of course, guess who’s being blamed?? Yep – go to the head of the class, Dear Reader!! The PPP!! Even though the washing away of a portion might be due to engineering glitches, it gotta be the PPP!!  If the PPP had actually micromanaged these projects down to the engineering designs and execution, you would’ve heard screams all the way to the Pakaraimas!!
But back to the bare-knuckle in-fighting going on in Congress Place. Can you believe one point man for one of the challengers actually accused Norton of “begging” for support, because he’s visiting party members across the country?? Once again, it’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t press the flesh with PNCites on the ground!! But what’s so undemocratic if the leader campaigns?? Should he be so arrogant to assume that he is unassailable??
There was a fella named Green who once thought so. Until an almost faceless bureaucratic operative named Desmond Hoyte threw him out on his ears!! Go Aubrey!!

…in a cold world
During the Cold War between the USSR and the US,  the combatants tried to “win the hearts and minds” of we natives emerging from colonial rule. Our leaders then tried to play them off against each other to get goodies like loans for infrastructure and social needs. We got the Linden, Corentyne and West Demerara Highways!! But the Cold War ended in 1989 and it wasn’t coincidental that we were in hock and development had long lagged.
But it looks like happy days are here again! China’s now flexing its muscles after it’s poised to replace the US as the largest economy in the world. Using the THREE TRILLION DOLLARS it accumulated from being the “factory of the US”, it’s buying friends and influencing them with its massive “Belt and Road Initiative (B&RI) that’s financing and building massive infrastructure worldwide.
Enter the US and G7 a couple of years ago with their version – -Build Back Better World (B3W) Initiative. They were gonna focus on infrastructure in climate, health and health security, digital technology, and gender equity and equality,
So, what happened?

 …to counter the madman
We’ve hearing Mad Maduro’s massing troops across our Essequibo Border and our half of Ankoko Island
Whatever happened to the five “hi-tech/high-priced” surveillance drones Ramjattan acquired to collect hard data?