… the US in the eyes
Now that the US Embassy has clearly indicated it has been working with the authorities to allow a flight from the States to bring in Observers from the Carter Center and yet permission has not been granted, there’s no getting away from the fact that the PNC feel that the US are like the boy who cried wolf. They’ve been threatening of “consequences” so many times from the US Ambassador all the way to the top of the State Department – but nothing is ever done, that they feel it’s all a bluff.
And if you look at the sequence of events, this is a very rational conclusion from their perspective. After every outrage following the Mingoed SoPs, BAM! Warning…but followed by absolutely no action. The PNC now see the US like “Christmas blow-blow”!! The latter’s latest humanitarian effort to allow some humanitarian aid in for fighting the COVID crisis was taken as a sign that the Americans aren’t really serious about their threats.
The bold attacks from PNC elements – and getting bolder by the minute – on the US diplomats for “interference” left no doubts about their conclusions on the helplessness of the US. In the Sunday Chronic, came the boldest attack to date. Adam Harris, the recently-sacked editor-in-chief of the KN (for his extreme partisanship to the PNC which he had served for decades), the man actually had the temerity to attack the US Ambassador of consorting with the largest gold exporter in Guyana – who he tagged as a “drug dealer”!!
These charges are repeated separately on the APNU/AFC home page in even more libellous and scandalous words. (They also posted Harris’ article.) Cited from a “Guyana News Network”, the article is headlined: “Gouveia Wined And Dined ABC&EU Ambassadors At Home Of PPP Financier Under FBI Investigation For Funding International Terrorism, Money Laundering and Drug Trafficking”.
The post served to directly give the rationale for the PNC caretaker government refusing to allow the Carter Center to observe the recount: “The US Ambassador, who has been in contact with operatives from the PPP’s Washington DC-based lobbying firm, Mercury Public Affairs, and the other ABCEU Ambassadors, appear to have been coordinating their assault on the Government of Guyana and GECOM, with foreign observers from the Carter Center, Organisation of American States (OAS), Commonwealth and the PSC. Gouveia met again last week with at least one of the ABC&EU Ambassadors.”
The US cannot ignore these attacks any longer. It is clear that the PNC has bought into the Chinese narrative that America is fatally wounded and bleeding.
As a friend of Guyana, they must impose sanctions on the riggers!!

…from the Chinese Dragon
We know the PNC have assiduously cultivated ties with the Chinese Government, which they boast extends all the way before US President Nixon’s famous trip. Against all advice and evidence, they signed a MoU with the Chinese Government’s Belt and Road Initiative (B&RI) that has overwhelmed the indebtedness of several countries and allowed the Chinese to snap up assets across the world in exchange for the debt.
Whether China allowed the COVID-19 virus to slip out accidentally or deliberately, we will never know. But we cannot ignore that China has always been willing to play hardball to fulfil its dream of making the “Middle Kingdom” into the world’s leader.
One silver lining from the COVID-19 crisis has been to open up the eyes of several of the most developed economies to the danger of making China the factory of the world. The Japanese have led the way in seeking to diversify their investment portfolio in manufacturing out of China.
The PNC have backed the Dragon rather than the Eagle. We cannot allow this!

…the sugar bond
Some salacious claims have surfaced as to the reason why the $30B bond was floated by NICIL putatively for GuySuCo. Yet after paying $3B in interest to date, no funds have been used to rescue GuySuCo.
We’ll follow the money trail later!!