Police destroy $37M in ganja at Fort Nassau

Less than three weeks after Police destroyed $115 million worth of ganja at Fort Nassau, Berbice River, the lawmen on Friday destroyed another $37 million of the illicit plant.
Police stated that on the day in question, ranks of the Regional Division conducted an eradication exercise in the Berbice River in the vicinity of Fort Nassau village during which two makeshift camps and two cannabis fields totalling four acres were discovered.
Based on reports received, the fields consisted of 25,000 cannabis plants ranging from five inches to five feet in height. In addition, there were about three pounds of dried cannabis at the location.
The camps, cannabis plants, and dried cannabis were all destroyed by fire. At the time of the operation, no one was present.
In the latter part of November, 450lbs of dried ganja and 120,000 cannabis plants, valued at $115 million was found and destroyed at Fort Nassau on the West Bank of the Berbice.
It was reported that four farms were discovered with approximately 120,000 marijuana plants ranging in height from one foot to six feet along with a drying area and a camp.
In the drying area, the cops uncovered 450lbs of dried cannabis with a street value of $115 million.