Police Force to deploy drones, plainclothes cops in security plan for Christmas

Regional Commander for Region 4A, Simon McBean

The Guyana Police Force (GPF) has begun implementing its grand Christmas plan, aimed at keeping communities across the country safe this holiday season.
In addition to increasing the presence of cops, the GPF plans to use drone technology as well as deploy plainclothes ranks to help ward off criminals.
During the launch of the Guyana Police Force Christmas Policing Plan on Tuesday, it was revealed that Police patrol on foot, bicycles, motorcycles, and other motor vehicles will be on duty across Georgetown.

Traffic Chief Dennis Stephens

For the first time, members of the public will be able to spot drones in the skies, providing added surveillance.
According to Regional Commander for Region 4A Simon McBean, during the Christmas period, there is usually an increase in economic activity, and as usual, he admitted that Police presence needs to be heightened.
“During this season, activities will heighten and we are heightening our presence also … there will be increased traffic patrol… Georgetown is synonymous with congestion and traffic issues, hence, our increased traffic patrols.”
“…we will work in close collaboration with the City Constabulary, security agencies, business communities, and our CPG groups,” he said.

Commander McBean said that robberies and simple larceny are most prevalent during this period. He noted that persons doing their Christmas shopping and businesses are the usual targets for these crimes.
“There is a likelihood of increased crime, traffic accidents, and congestion. Also, there is a likelihood of picketing activities due to the present political and industrial environment.”

Commander Khemraj Shivbaran speaking at the presentation on Tuesday

To achieve their intentions, the Commander said Region Four will be divided into 15 sectors. Each sector, he said, will be commanded by an officer or inspector and will also include several Police booths.
The main sector in Georgetown will be Robb Street to the north, Hadfield Street to the south, Camp Street to the east, and the Demerara River to the west.
He also stated that for this period, there will also be heightened intelligence-led operations, and more focus on noise nuisance.
Shoppers are being urged to be careful when going about their businesses at this time. They are also urged to avoid wearing expensive jewellery and electronics during this time.

Persons at the presentation

Meanwhile, Traffic Chief Dennis Stephens said the intention is to ensure a free flow of traffic and minimise congestion and accidents.
“Our method is a mobile patrol on a 24-hour basis…we will have a 12-hour shift system with foot patrols…”, he said.
The Traffic Chief also proposed that container trucks only operate between 07:00h to 21:00h daily. Business owners are also advised to offload containers at terminals and then transport the goods using lorries and canters to their business entities.

Region 2 policing plan
Additionally, Regional Division Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) Police ranks are set to increase their presence during the Christmas season with Police patrol 24/7.
Speaking at a presentation on Monday, in the Regional Democratic Council’s Boardroom, Regional Commander Superintendent Khemraj Shivbaran noted that the main aim of the security plan is to minimise criminal activities, and traffic congestion and to make Region Two safer for visitors, citizens, and shoppers during the Christmas season.
He said that his ranks will be increasing patrols using motor vehicles and bikes, along with strategically-placed Police huts in areas of Charity and Anna Regina, and conducting security operations as part of security measures.
Commander Shivbaran noted that the Police patrol will target increased commercial activities around the region and the inevitable increase in traffic congestion.
He pointed out that Police ranks will patrol every village within Pomeroon to Supenaam, especially areas that comprise primarily business places where visitors and shoppers will go, so as to prevent crimes.
Additionally, Shivbaran further stated that Police will mainly dispatch to Anna Regina, Supenaam Water Front, and Charity. These areas will be covered by vehicle patrols as well as ranks on cycles and foot.

Patrol in Essequibo areas
It was also announced that arrangements have already been made to conduct special operations around the banks, hotels and night spots, post offices, and business entities around the region by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and Intelligence Section in the region.
The patrols will concentrate on Anna Regina, Charity, and Supenaam with a special interest in hotspot areas.
“This exercise will be conducted so as to make the people of Region Two, visitors, shoppers, and business places safe. Everyone must be able to enjoy their holiday in a safe manner,” Commander Shivbaran said.
The plan will conclude on January 15, 2023.