Police in Berbice seize suspected stolen vehicles

Several motorcars were on Wednesday seized by Police in Berbice who are investigating a “stolen vehicle racket”.

A party of policemen headed by an Assistant Superintendent conducted searches in a number of locations where several suspected stolen vehicles were found.

At New Market Street, they found a white fielder wagon bearing registration number PVV 6272 and a silver-grey Premio bearing registration number PRR 3989.

At Rosehall, Corentyne Berbice, they found a silver grey Premio bearing registration number PTT 9316 and a Fielder wagon bearing registration number PTT 7651.

The vehicles were taken to the Rosehall Outpost and lodged pending investigation.

Meanwhile, Police said a search was conducted at the home of a female nurse of Rosehall, Corentyne, where they found several “car-related documents”. These were also taken to the Rosehall Outpost and lodged, pending investigation.

A search was also conducted at the home of a 75-year-old of Rosehall, Corentyne but nothing was found.

Meanwhile, Police said during the search, a named suspect was detained and is presently in hospital under guard.