Police in Reg 6 working to tackle cattle rustling

In light of an upsurge in cattle rustling in Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne), Police are making every effort to curtail the issue.
There are instances whereby cases of cattle rustling are not reported to the Police. Farmers have accused the Police of not having an interest in investigating the crime as their reason for not reporting it when it happens.

Police Detective Rawl Nedd

Nevertheless, some cases are reported.
In the month of September, three heads of cattle – two of them pregnant and the third had given birth hours before – were stolen and slaughtered at Number 56 Village, Corentyne. The animals were killed just a short distance away from the pen they were in.
In another instance, a cow and its calf were slaughtered at Salton Farm along the Corentyne Coast.
On May 4 last, an 82-year-old cattle farmer of Number 64 Village, Corentyne, lost three heads of cattle; one had given birth prior to the incident. The animals were reportedly taken out from the pen and slaughtered.
Farmers also stated that cattle would go missing and their body parts are discovered in the savannahs.
However, Detective Rawl Nedd recently told the media that the Police are working to tackle cattle rustling across the region.
“We are dealing with the increase in cattle rustling in Region Six and we have a team and the CID [Criminal Investigation Department] along with intel and we are attacking that problem head on. We will be looking at both the persons who are supplying and the persons who are selling,” the senior officer said.
Some farmers in the past have reported that they have supplied the Police with suspects’ names, but the Police have not investigated or charged those persons.
On this note, Nedd stated, “We believe in investigating, having the evidence, seeking legal advice and based on that advice sending for prosecution”.