Police investigating fisherman’s death

A mother of two is now left with more questions than answers after the body of her 26-year-old reputed husband was brought back from sea on Saturday last.

The dead man was identified as Sherwin Wilson of Lot 8 Riverview, Ruimveldt, Georgetown. From information gathered, the father of two left his home two Sundays ago with four other men on a fishing boat with the aim of raising money to properly take care of his family.

However, the boat returned to Georgetown on Saturday last with Wilson’s body wrapped in a sheet without any proper explanation given to the family about the circumstances surrounding his death.

Reports reaching Guyana Times suggested that the young fisherman might have fallen overboard but this is yet to be confirmed.

Nevertheless, at the house of the dead man, his reputed wife, Fay Torres explained that he left two Sundays ago in good spirits and told her that when he returned, he would get money to look after their children and to fix the kitchen area.

She noted that while he was in Georgetown, he hardly worked on “anything” substantial to properly finance the family; hence, the decision to go into fishing. That was the second time he went to sea.

The woman further stated that on Saturday, she received news that the boat in which her husband left had returned. “I deh cooking so I say ‘oh God, I got to hurry up, because he must be hungry… so as I continue to cook, a neighbour call out to me and ask me if I hear the boat come out… she ask me if I hear anything else and is then, she tell me that my husband dead.”

She noted she responded with a disbelieving giggle, but was convinced to check at the Ruimveldt wharf. She said when she arrived at the wharf, she was told by the guards that everyone who went on the trip had returned.

According to Torres, as she and another relative were about to leave, she saw the owner of the boat and questioned him about the rumour – which turned out to be reality.

“He tell me that he hear someone dead and that is why he come to check… is when I see a friend who went on the boat with Sherwin, he start cry and tell me that Sherwin dead,” the woman stated.

By this time, a hearse had arrived and her reputed husband’s body was taken away. She noted that she had the opportunity to see the body, and confirmed that it bore no marks of violence.

Agnes Johnson, the mother of the dead man, told Guyana Times that the post-mortem performed on her son’s body proved that he died as a result of drowning. She, however, noted that the captain of the boat explained that her son “catch cramp” and fell overboard. That is all he tell me… he nah tell me who saved meh son nothing, but meh son skin full ah mud,” the woman added.

She too is of the opinion that something “fishy” went on while her son was at sea. Guyana Times understands that the crew was arrested and questioned by the Police in connection with the man’s death.

The reputed wife, Fay Torres and children of the now dead man
The reputed wife, Fay Torres and children of the now dead man