Police investigation stalls due to CCTV system malfunction

Baby found in plastic bag

The police investigation into the discovery of a newborn baby at Nandy Park, East Bank Demerara, on May 11 last has come to a standstill after the CCTV system that detectives were relying on suddenly malfunctioned.
The detectives had requested the footage from a private resident, but while reviewing same, the system started to malfunction thus putting a halt in the process.
Regional Commander, Senior Superintendent Kurleigh Simon on Saturday told Guyana Times that as soon as the situation is rectified, the ranks will continue their investigations.
He revealed that ranks are solely depending on the CCTV footage from the resident to know what transpired.
The dead baby was found in front of an elderly woman’s house earlier in the month. Upon the gruesome discovery, the afterbirth was also inside the bag.
An elderly woman, who made the discovery, told Police that she saw a bag lying in front of her home and went to investigate. Upon doing so, she saw the baby’s feet and immediately raised an alarm.
She claimed that she did not notice any unusual movements in the area owing to heavy downpours just before the discovery.
The Commander, nevertheless, told the media that a post-mortem cannot be done on the child at this time to determine the cause of death because the findings would have to be signed off by a relative.
The Commander has stated that the incident will be treated as a homicide until proven otherwise.