Police kill 3 suspected bandits in shootout

Corentyne banditry

– AR-15 assault rifle among weapons confiscated

Three men believed to be the executioners of the daring robberies on the Corentyne over the past weeks were on Sunday afternoon shot dead during an exchange of gunfire with members of the SWAT unit in the backdam at Johanna, Black Bush Polder, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne).
The three dead men have been identified was wanted murder suspect, 32-year-old Kelvin Shivgobin called “Kelly” of Belvedere, Corentyne, Berbice; acquitted murder accused Ramnarine Jagmohan of Belvedere Village and Sewchand Sewdat called “One Eye Pappy” also of Belvedere, Corentyne, Berbice.
Shibgobin is suspected to have been the ring leader. Based on reports received, the police operation commenced at about 12:00h on Sunday and lasted a few hours, thus resulting in the death of the three armed and dangerous men.
After the shootout, the police retrieved several weapons including an AR-15 assault rifle. At the scene, Divisional Commander Paul Langevine confirmed the death of the three men as well as the confiscation of the high-powered rifle.
“We want to believe that these men are linked to the robbery of the Chinese supermarket and also to the shooting.” About a week ago, armed men stormed a Chinese supermarket at Albion and relieved the owner of an undisclosed sum of cash and a number of mobile phones from customers.
As Police responded to the report, they were greeted by gunfire. After the men successfully escaped, the police recovered 26 spent shells which are suspected to have been used by the AR-15 rifle.
A few days before that, a Corentyne money changer was shot to his leg during a robbery involving three bandits. Following two other robberies in the Black Bush Polder, a unit from the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) was deployed to the area.
“I am now hoping that persons will be able to sleep more comfortable and they will feel more at ease. We want people to know that the police are always working. Sometimes they get the impression that the police are not working but we are always working. If the people cannot sleep comfortable, we cannot sleep comfortable,” Langevine told reporters on Sunday evening.
Residents of Black Bush Polder on Sunday afternoon highly praised the police as the vehicle bearing the bodies of the men rolled out from the backdam.
However, the bodies of the three men were retrieved from the backlands and taken to the Port Mourant Hospital where they were pronounced dead on arrival.
Nevertheless, Shivgobin was implicated in the murder of Harricharran and Premcharran Samaroo; two brothers who were killed during the course of a robbery at their mother’s home on Old Year’s Night at Bush Lot, Corentyne.
Jagmohan, on the other hand, was charged for the murder of Hampshire businessman, Devendra Deodat also called “Dave”, who was shot to his chest, chopped to his neck and hands and lost a finger during a home invasion.
Jagmohan and his brother, Neshan Jagmohan, were charged for the murder. However, Neshan was killed during a prison brawl at the New Amsterdam penitentiary.
There are reports that three men were seen sitting on a log in the backdam at Johanna shortly after midnight on Sunday. According to a source close to the police, the operation was an intelligence-led one and for several days, they have been tracking the movement of the wanted men.
Upon arriving in Berbice, the SWAT Team was stationed at Adventure – one of the entrances to Black Bush Polder.

Ramnarine Jagmohan
Kelvin Shivgobin
Police ranks at the scene on Sunday
Residents of Black Bush Polder came out to get a glimpse of the dead bandits
Police ranks at the scene on Sunday