Political… PNC violence

Your Eyewitness is still bemused by Hamilton “Bilal” Green’s deliberate spilling of his guts in a desperate effort to rouse his Burnham Foundation audience to (violent) action. Yesterday, we dealt with his recommendation that the PNC should continue rigging elections to keep out the “bastards” PPP from office!! But rigging’s backroom stuff. Today we expand on his comment on the other prong to that end – violence.
“When things were going quiet Burnham called a young gentleman who was at the centre of Congress Place… and said ‘Why is the city so quiet?’ And that gentleman acted and brought Jagan to his senses when he had said to the workers ‘not a cent more’.” What was the context? By the end of 1961, the CIA had already recruited Burnham to their plan to oust Cheddi’s PPP government. Not so incidentally, Cheddi’s remark was directed at the Senior Civil Servants in early 1962 – who he felt were being adequately compensated – but they riled up the ordinary wworkers. He and D’aguiar unleashed the Black Friday Feb 16, 1962 riots. They urged their urban supporters to raze Georgetown’s business district and demonstrate to Jagan that he was in office but not in power – in more ways than one! Especially in Georgetown!!
Burnham had discovered the utility of using violence to to counter Jagan’s advantage of numbers in matters electoral!! He’s on record on the now declassified US files as demanding weapons from the CIA and AFL/CIO agents to take on the PPP. And in May of 1963, in a search of PNC operatives’ homes and offices, the Police uncovered the infamous X-13 Plan that had been compiled on how and who would execute the program of violence. So when in early 1963, Jagan introduced the “Labour Relations Bill”, Burnham was ready!! The young Hamilton Green was “at the centre of Congress Place” as its General Secretary by then and his name is replete in the X-13 plan.
But they called the infamous “80-Day Strike” – longest in the Commonwealth at the time – that spread across the country and started the ethnic cleansing of our villages!! Green the PNC thug gotta be the “young gentleman” he bigs up himself as, who started the mayhem in Georgetown when at least seventeen were killed, hundreds brutalized and millions in damage were inflicted!!
Burnham later admitted that labour issues weren’t the “causa bella” – the cause of the war – but the “casus bella” – simply the occasion for the war! HE also revealed much when he showed off!! And we now know all the talk about “discrimination” etc. against African Guyanese are merely occasions to create the next war to oust the PPP.

Just saw the Chinese celebrating “170 years of China’s contribution to Guyana”. Now your Eyewitness knows that our first Chinese arrived here as indentured labourers in 1853 – 170 years ago. But that was because the British had seized parts of China – and as usual, exploited the people there in whatever manner they could. The Chinese government was rightfully totally OPPOSED to this exploitation – since, unlike in India, China’s was never a colony and ruled by Britain.
So here we gotta make a distinction between “China” the state and the overseas “Chinese people” – who weren’t sent out to “develop” countries like Guyana!! Whatever they did they did so on their own. But what the heck…in its drive for world domination China feels it gotta use whatever means necessary, innit?? But we should be looking at the present wave of Chinese who’re taking over supermarkets all over our land. These are the result of a conscious policy of the Chinese government…and we gotta be careful.
Should we worry only about Venezuelan fifth columnists??

Former US President Trump showed up at Philadelphia’s Sneaker Con, hocking a brand of sneakers that go all the way up to US$$399!! Well we gotta cut him some slack – he was just fined $355 million for business malpractises!!.