Port Mourant Overseer fired over unaccounted monies

…as records disappear

The acting Overseer of the Johns/Port Mourant Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) is being investigated for alleged misappropriation of public funds and embezzlement.

The ledger that was missing

Following an investigation into the missing Port Mourant Market receipt book, a decision was taken by the Council to terminate the Overseer.
The receipt book was reported missing by the Overseer.
According to documents seen by Guyana Times, several receipts issued to stallholders do not have matching figures on the duplicate which is retained in the receipt book.
Similar discoveries were made in the receipt book in which payments for property taxes are recorded. When compared with the original receipts issued to the property holder, some inaccuracies were discovered.
In one instance, on October 13, 2020, Davindranauth Jeewth reportedly paid $7782 in property taxes for the years 2017 through 2020.
On the duplicate receipt, there is what appears to be an alteration, with a line drawn across 2017, 2018 and 2019. There was also an alteration to the amount received.
The sum of $1875 is recorded instead. When questioned by Vice Chairman, Imran Ally, about the missing $5907, no answer was provided by the Overseer.
In another instance, Chattagoon Paltoo has a receipt station that he would have paid $6225 as property tax for a specified period. But the amount recorded on the delicate differs.
This publication was also provided with copies of receipts that suggest the receipts issued to vendors at the Port Mourant Market had the duplicate altered as well. Also, the amount recorded on the ledger did not match the amount on the vendors’ receipts.
Following an initial investigation conducted by the Vice Chairman and other Councillors, the Overseer was asked to provide answers the following day.
However, that day she reported to the Council that the ledger, which was the basis on which some of the accusations were being made against her, had gone missing only hours after she was seen in possession of the book by the Vice Chairman and Councillors.
Strangely, however, the Council asked the Overseer to report the missing ledger to the police and she did.
Meanwhile, the Council has since held an emergency meeting last week, where a decision was taken to dismiss the Overseer with immediate effect in accordance with the Public Service Rules. At the time, the Overseer was on leave and was not present at the meeting.
Further, this newspaper understands while the decision was taken to dismiss the Overseer, the letter of termination has not been sent to her since the NDC has no staff to type and issue the letter.
Back in June, the previous NDC Overseer was fired, for the second time, over claims of abuse and fraud.
Since then, this current Overseer, who had held another position at the NDC, had been acting as the Overseer.
She was one of several persons who had applied for the job and was interviewed.
However, no appointments were made and the NDC has also failed to fill other vacancies it has.
With the firing of this second Overseer, there is currently no staff at the Johns/Port Mourant NDC.
There are reports that Councillors have been going to the office to assist.
This publication understands that the office is only opened in the afternoons when the Councillors are available. (G4)