Power hungry…

Old people do warn: “all smart fly does end up in cow backside”. And when these smart flies get entangled with the stuff in that orifice, it’s hell no hell to get out! Well it looks like the AFC and its “smart flies” are up to their neck in “entanglement” with what one of their fervent supporters described as “miasmic substances”.
From the moment the spoils were divided up between APNU and AFC after the elections, this Eyewitness – and most AFC supporters – pointed out that notwithstanding what was in the Cummingsburg Accord, the AFC got “Larwah”. “Absolutely not!” screamed PRIME Minister Nagamootoo… everything was shared fair and square and everyone – and he and party boss Ramjattan – were happy.
But the Committee hurriedly cobbled together to “look into” the accusations of “bad faith” by APNU – headed by the then President of the Guyana Bar Association – was a tip-off somebody was lying through their teeth. However, as nothing came out of the “inquiry” and the AFC maintained they were satisfied with the status quo, what were outsiders to do? It’s like the abused wife refusing to testify against the abusive husband – there’s nothing the judge can do.
Cynics felt the duty-free SUV, air conditioning and refurbishing of PM’s mansion in Georgetown and 50% bump in salary, might’ve muzzled Nagamootoo. But who’s to say? Then came Pressie’s announcement of how Executive Power in terms of “line responsibility” was divided between Ministry of the Presidency and his Cabinet. All Nagamootoo got was Chronicle and NCN – and to sit next to Pressie at Cabinet meetings and LOOK important.
Now the office of the Prime Minister used to be a very powerful office – and your Eyewitness isn’t even going back to the days of Hamilton Green and Desmond Hoyte. He’s thinking about Sam Hinds with his energy portfolio. But Nagamootoo immediately got his shill to shrilly shout, “Nagamootoo is powerful!! Nagamootoo is powerful!!!” In addition to the Chronic and sitting next to Pressie, he boasted as to how “Governance” was now taken back from Trotman and given to Nagamootoo.
The Guyanese populace are still waiting on what power this conferred to Nagamootoo. But Nagamootoo maintained stoutly as to how he was “full of power”.
The latest statement coming out of an “AFC retreat”, however, suggests Nagamootoo was full of something, all right – but not power! Nagamootoo and company are now whinging Harmon from Ministry of the Presidency is “too powerful”.
Wasn’t this what your Eyewitness said when he pointed out Nagamootoo’d been STRIPPED of all power? Go figure!
Nagamootoo should know elementary politics 101 declare: “Power must reside somewhere”. But it’s not with the fly in the cow’s backside!

Two Camerons have been in the news recently – and not for reasons they should be proud of. The one in England, David – who happens to be their PM and whose father left him with money in a Tax haven even as he’d exhorted his people to pay taxes – finally ate humble pie and confessed. It’s good for the soul – and good for politics when you have an indefensible record.
On the other hand, the one in the West Indies, Dave – who happens to be President of WICB and has alienated his players so profoundly they were willing to walk away from a tour of India – has decided to tough it out. This is a fella who evidently believes players still have to doff their hats and look at the ground when in his presence – just because HE’s head of the Board!
But interestingly Cameron evoked Castro’s revolutionary, “History will absolve me” tag line after his first attempt to overthrow the dictator Batista.
History will vindicate the players of the WI, who’ve made all of us so proud! Never Cameron.

…and Codes of Conduct
The AFC’s demanding passage of the long promised Code of Conduct. Well, if Trotman announced the draft when he was in charge of “governance” – now with Nagamootoo – isn’t it the AFC’s responsibility?