PPP/C launches “Stronger Together for a Better Guyana” campaign to take government

Elections 2020

– speakers include Presidential and Prime Ministerial Candidates

Thousands of Guyanese are expected to congregate at the Kitty Market Square in Georgetown as the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) launches its 2020 Elections Campaign today, Sunday, January 5.

Bharrat Jagdeo

The launch is expected to kick off from 15:00h and will see a plethora of speakers from the Party outlining their vision to lead Guyana for the next five years. The campaign will be launched under the “Stronger Together for a Better Guyana” banner.
Headlining the launch will be Presidential Candidate Dr Irfaan Ali and his running mate, former Guyana Defence Force Chief of Staff Brigadier (retired) Mark Phillips. Along with the running duo, General Secretary Bharrat Jagdeo will layout the Party’s plan heading into the March 2 General and Regional Elections.

Irfaan Ali

The Party is inviting all Guyanese to come and listen as they outline their plans to create jobs, reduce taxation, and improve education and healthcare in addition to presenting ideas for affordable housing and management of the oil and gas sector.
Speaking on a local talk show, PPP Executive member Gail Teixeira said that the launch will be geared at presenting their plans and programmes to rescue Guyana.

Mark Phillips

“At our rally, we will be launching our campaign and that means from January 5 to March 1, no stopping. We will be working 24/7 and our supporters and friends will be full steam ahead. It is basically the final lap. We have been on campaign in different levels for the last year expecting that elections will be held in accordance with the Constitution,” Teixeira noted.
She said that at the rally, persons would have a different experience as compared to what they saw when the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) coalition launched their campaign on Friday.
“Our rally will be different from PNC (Peoples National Congress) APNU/AFC rally, being, we don’t bust people in using state resources as one. We are going to talk about policies and programmes so that people have a lot to hear and hopefully it will enlighten them and let them know we are serious about being able to rescue our country. These programmes and policies did not happen yesterday (at APNU/AFC campaign launch),” she contended.
The former Parliamentary Chief Whip welcomed the undecided voters to come out at the Kitty Market Square and listen as the candidates present their plans and make the decision as to whether the PPP/C is the party for them.
“It is a serious political rally. It is indicating that we are ready for the campaign. We are ready for government and we are ready to take government on March 3. We want to be able to turn this country around and if we don’t, then we will we suffer under Granger,” the former Home Affairs Minister explained.
The incumbent Government launched their campaign at D’Urban Park – one of the coalition’s first controversial projects, on Friday. Headlining the launch was Trinidadian soca singer, Farmer Nappy.
At the launch, it, rather than presenting its plans and making its case for another five years in office, the David Granger-led Administration just presented themselves. The coalition also notably failed to indicate when it would release its manifesto with a detailed plan for the development of Guyana – a now oil-producing nation.
In addition, the coalition party also failed to name Khemraj Ramjattan as its Prime Ministerial candidate.
Meanwhile, former PPP Member of Parliament, Joe Hamilton, noted that the launch will be a political rally and not a concert while referring to the governing coalition’s launch.
“On Friday, what you had was a concert. We will be having entertainment, yes of course, but we will be having a political rally that is serious in its outlook recognising the juncture we are at the moment in this country whereby we can outline our programmes and policies to the people of Guyana. Those plans and programmes we will put to the people.
Today will present Prime Minister candidate who is a real Brigadier and a Chief of Staff. A real Chief of Staff. We will present many people who are new to politics, who have embraced the PPP over time. We will present people who were once supporters of the Peoples National Congress. It is a total different activity. It will be entertaining and joyous but it would not be the kind of entertainment that took priority to cloud no programme and plan. Our priority is programme and plan, our priority is not entertainment,” Hamilton asserted.
Last month, the PPP/C launched their manifesto titled: “Our plan for prosperity”, with excerpts outlining the Party’s policies and plans for the country and its people, should it get into office.
Some of the plans outlined include the removal of Value Added Tax (VAT) on key areas such as electricity, water and healthcare, among other things.
Also high on the Party’s agenda is the reversal and/or reduction of the over 200 tax measures imposed by the coalition Administration – such as on building materials, on data, and exports.
The Party also outlined that it will reverse the VAT on farming, mining and forestry equipment, which has caused untold difficulties for farmers, miners and those in the forestry sector.
Additionally, the PPP, in its 2020 elections manifesto, has promised that if elected to office, it would advance constitutional reform with the input of the citizens themselves. The PPP/C has also promised that should it return to office, the restoration of the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) is high on its agenda.
The Party also noted some concrete measures they will pursue, including establishing an International Centre of Excellence for Biological Diversity. According to the PPP/C, this centre will promote cutting-edge research, while developing and exporting educational services.
They also promised that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) would have its capacity built to provide enhanced regulation. In addition, the National System of Protected Areas would also be enhanced.
According to the PPP, steps would also be taken to decarbonise the transport sector by implementing a mixture of ethanol into vehicles to reduce the use of fossil fuels. Other measures the Party touted were renewable energy technologies and providing incentives for biomass-to-energy projects. The Party promised it would also provide grants for start-up businesses for renewable and recycling projects.
Another measure the Party promised was to implement a National Land Use policy for residential and commercial interests, as well as establishing an inter-agency mechanism for coordination between the forestry, mining, agriculture, settlements and infrastructure sector.