Pres Ali lauds Silvie’s for being “grounded in people” at 50th anniversary celebrations

– pleased to see the family-oriented business positioning itself for regional market

President Dr Irfaan Ali has lauded Silvie’s Industrial Solutions for being a business that has been “grounded in people” over the past 50 years.
He made this remark at the company’s 50th anniversary celebrations at Lusignan, East Coast Demerara (ECD), on Saturday evening.
The Head of State congratulated the founders of the company – Rajendra Persaud and his wife Prampattie “Silvie” Persaud – and the current Chief Executive Officer, Bramanand Persaud, for this “tremendous achievement”.
According to the President, building and sustaining a business for 50 years is not an easy task especially in the changing global environment. He noted, more importantly, building and sustaining a business that is very competitive within a family framework also add to the complexities.

President Dr Irfaan Ali and his son Zayd joined the Persaud family to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Silvie’s Industrial Solutions on Saturday evening at Lusignan

“In 50 years, I’m sure this family can tell you all the lessons from local market challenges, challenges in the taxation system, challenges in the global environment, supply chain challenges, changing their product portfolio to meet market needs, and the changing market requirements, but more importantly, ensuring that they build a business that was grounded in people. And I think that is one of the advantages of Silvie’s – the company itself is a household name. People would’ve grown to trust the company, trust their product, trust their style of management because they were able to create a direct relationship with you,” the Head of State posited.
President Ali recalled growing up with the Persaud family, being a schoolmate and close friend of the current Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He related that he was welcomed by the family, who, despite being upper-class, never made him felt any different from them.
“They never lost their grounding, their identity, their connection with ordinary people. And up to today, the simplicity with which Bramanand continued this tradition must be celebrated, understood, and respected. And I want to say it is this type of humility and simplicity, dedicated and commitment that allows the company to celebrate 50 years today and will also ensure that you face the next [50 years] and beyond with the same strength of character, the same value system and same system of community,” he contended.
Guyana’s leader further highlighted that outside of his significant contributions to the local private sector, Rajendra Persaud also played a major role in the Local Government system. He contributed significantly and was heavily involved in the development of the community and the Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC).
President Ali outlined that it is with these traits of commitment and drive that a medium-sized enterprise such as Silvie’s stood the test of time, withstood the storm, and penetrated markets to remain a vibrant leader in the sector.
He recalled that Silvie’s was the only company that offered credit to farmers and other operators who needed very basic machinery and equipment to carry out their trades.
“They provided service and credit to all sectors of people when it was not available anywhere else… As a country and as a people, we have a responsibility to celebrate with the company, this tremendous achievement,” he asserted,
Moreover, the Guyanese leader further recognised efforts by the company to expand its market to the Caribbean Region. He commended Silvie’s for participating in the trade show at the Barbados ‘AgroFest’ back in Maybe.
“This was particularly a very pleasing moment to see that this company, that is family-oriented and community-oriented now thinking strategically of positioning themselves in the Region, that is, the Caricom (Caribbean Community) Region, and being part of the development of Caricom and being a support of the food security drive.
Under the banner Silvie’s Variety Store, the company traded as a pharmacy, sports store, and stationery centre at Lot 31 High and Hadfield Streets, Georgetown, location. Though successful, the latter three ventures were eventually closed down as Silvie’s decided to focus its investment in the area of gold mining, which was booming at the time.
In a significant rebrand, Silvie’s has since renamed its first location Silvie’s Automotive Solutions, and its second location, Silvie’s Industrial Solutions.
Together, the two branches offer a wide array of services across many markets such as construction, agriculture, vulcanising, mining, wash bays, food processing, and of course, it’s the flagship, automotive sector.
Now, Silvie’s is looking to expand its reach with a new branch at Henrietta, Essequibo Coast, Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam), which is expected to be opened later this year. Additionally, the company will be constructing a mega store on a four-acre lot at Good Hope, ECD, and according to CEO Bramanand, this is slated for next year.
The CEO said at the anniversary celebration on Saturday that its team of some 40 employees has played a major role in the company’s success. He noted that Silvie’s has prided itself in pouring a lot of training into its team and encouraged staff to continue their growth process.
Bramanand went on to outline that Silvie’s has aligned itself over the years with many other companies that played a major role in Guyana’s economy without thinking about them as potential competitor.
“We do not believe in that. We believe in an abundant mindset. We believe that there is enough to go around for everyone… Customers would buy from us and sell back our products across the country. It is something that we want to see happening more in our country because we believe that there is enough to go around for everyone and more businesses that open within this country is more employment and better for this country,” he stressed.
Meanwhile, Silvie’s Industrial Solutions was also praised by Georgetown Mayor Ubraj Narine, for setting an example as a law-abiding company in the city.