President Ali and PM Phillips continue to lead by example

Dear Editor,
Since taking office three and a half years ago, President Dr Irfaan Ali and Prime Minister Brigadier (ret’d) Mark Phillips have been working very closely as a team, and have been leading by example on national and global issues at every level: local, regional, hemispheric and international.
At the local level, they have conducted several meet-the-people tours to solve the people’s problems, and they recently embarked on Guyana’s first National Clean Up Campaign for 2024; on Saturday, February 17, at Houston and Agricola, East Bank Demerara. After several hours of toil, President Dr. Ali and Prime Minister Phillips removed a huge amount of litter and waste from public spaces, thus making it cleaner and safer for residents in those villages. They have also repainted several medians in the community, to beautify and maintain a safe and healthy environment.
Accompanying them were Public Works Minister Bishop Juan Edghill; the top brass of the Police Force, including Police Commissioner (ag) Clifton Hicken; members of the Private Sector, and volunteers.
The overall objectives of the 2024 Clean-Up Campaign, which was initiated by His Excellency, were to promote cleanliness in the various communities across the country, sensitise residents on the importance of keeping their communities clean, and bring about a change in public behaviour.
On the regional, hemispheric and international scene, President Dr. Ali, during an interview with Bloomberg News on Tuesday February 20, in reference to the border controversy, firmly and unequivocally stated that Guyana is a peaceful country, that has always respected the rule of law and abides by decisions made by the International Court of Justice (ICJ). He affirmed that any threat to Guyana’s territorial integrity by Venezuela would be taken very seriously; and that many of our regional (CARICOM) hemispheric (Brazil and Latin America), and international partners (United States, Canada, Britain and members of the European Union) have reiterated their support for this country’s sovereignty.
He also called upon Venezuela to participate in the ICJ process, and respect its decision. Additionally, his relentless and unyielding advocacy for food security, energy security, reduction of poverty and hunger worldwide, and for urgent action to combat the burning issue of global climate change, among other things, has made him a respected global leader.
President Dr Irfaan Ali has not only strongly rejected the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela’s spurious claim to Guyana’s territory, but has potently reassured foreign investors that they should not worry, because the border controversy was settled 125 years ago by the 1899 Arbitral Award, of which both Venezuela and Guyana were represented by the United States and Great Britain respectively.
He informed Bloomberg News that the border controversy is currently before the ICJ, and that his primary focus is to ensure stability in the region and to make sure that the hemisphere remains a zone of peace. The Guyanese Head-of-State asserted that the Government has taken steps to modernize the nation’s military with the use of technology, and to increase its human capacity.
Like President Dr. Ali, Prime Minister Mark Phillips has, on several occasions, outlined Guyana’s positions locally, regionally, and at several international forums. The most recent was during the period February 7 to 9 in New Delhi, India: when he called for rational, definitive, and strong leadership at the local, regional, hemispheric and international levels to take immediate action to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. That speech by PM Phillips was one of the most powerful, effective, and convincing speeches made at that forum.
While performing the duties of President Dr. Ali, who chaired a high-level United Nations Security meeting in New York, Prime Minister Brigadier (ret’d) the Honorable Mark Phillips once again delivered an eloquent, impressive, and influential speech at the Guyana Energy Conference.
He emphatically and brilliantly told the attendees at the Conference that Guyana has made significant and phenomenal progress in the energy sector in its efforts to transition to clean, renewable energy.
Reinforcing Guyana’s steadfast and ultimate commitment to an equitable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly future for all, the Prime Minister highlighted the pressing need for climate-resilient action amidst the global climate change crisis, stating that the time for climate change-resilient action is now.
Speaking truth to power, the former Chief of Staff of the Guyana Defence Force has explicitly affirmed that clean energy is pivotal to Guyana’s progress, energy transformation, and long-term sustainability goals; and that it is fundamental to the nation’s environmental, social, economic, technological and human development.
Known for his spectacular and amazing speeches, Brigadier Phillips, in his closing remarks, praised the conference attendees for their continued dialogue on energy sector issues; expressed optimism and enthusiasm for investments in Guyana’s clean and renewable energy programmes, and for ongoing partnerships to find permanent and long-lasting solutions to the global climate crisis.
It should be clear to everyone that President Dr. Ali and Prime Minister Phillips are two of the country’s greatest and most genuine leaders, and despite their different social, cultural, and political upbringing, have collaborated on most of the issues on how to solve problems, develop the country, and improve the lives of the people in their pursuit of happiness. For many, they are solid and genuine team mates who continue to lead by example.

Dr Asquith Rose