President Ali comes across as ‘down to earth’

Dear Editor,
It has been described as a down-to-earth presidency, unprecedented in recent times. No President in recent memory developed the kind of down-to-earth leadership style of President Irfaan Ali, taking governance to the people.
Irfaan Ali was seen mingling with and engaging the public, ordinary folks, the poor, wealthy, the middle class, young and old, Indians, Africans, Mixed, Amerindians, and others, foreigners and locals, the powerful, the weak or meek, the wretched, and the elite. And he was (has been) seen mixing, conversing, engaging, interacting, and responding to people of all ethnicities and ages across the nation in all ethnic communities.
The President was observed or the public talked about how he was kissing and hugging babies, embracing people, empathising with those who tragically lost loved ones, sitting with the people at the stadium rooting for the Guyana team, singing popular tunes, dancing at events, doing the nagara or tarapiti or Tassa, swimming in a public pool with ordinary folks, traversing markets, inspecting roads, wading in flood waters, helping pick up garbage for a clean environment, and more.
He celebrates occasions and consoles those with grief and sadness. No recent President developed this kind of simplistic but effective leadership style or did those kinds of things to be with the people, projecting Irfaan as someone who is not elitist or aloof unlike what the public said was the image projected by his predecessor. This down-to-earth approach of Irfaan draws him to people of all ethnicities. He connects with and addresses issues that impact them, resulting in a positive image among the public no doubt resulting in high approval or favourability ratings. A poll is being conducted to determine approval ratings.
The President travelled around to diverse communities, meeting and addressing the public, and listening to or engaging them. He appeared to listen to the people on their grievances and where practical took effective actions to find solutions. He has taken the Government to the communities on a consistent basis.
His mixing with the people and engaging in the revelry are appealing resulting in many describing his leadership style as being approachable and engaging.
Could Ali’s leadership style and his continuing to engage the common people see him making political gains across the aisle?

Yours truly,
Vishnu Bisram