President Ali points to equity in house lots distribution

…governs for all Guyanese

President Dr Irfaan Ali has reinforced that his Government is a Government for all, amid calls for national unity and referencing the equity with which Government services such as house lots are provided.

President Irfaan Ali

During the 125th birth anniversary celebrations of AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada, organised by the Hare Krishna movement on Sunday, President Dr Irfaan Ali made it clear his aim is to be a just leader.
“I have one responsibility. And that responsibility is to be a just leader. And that is what I’ve sought to do every single day, since assuming office. I’ve asked the Cabinet to also do the same. Even in the greatest adversities, when stones are thrown your way that do not reflect the truth or the correct position, you’re tempted to either respond or react. I have held back on reacting in any way that would add, in Guyanese terms, firewood to the fire.”
He went on to clarify that that does not mean they shouldn’t respond, since there is a responsibility to set aside untruth from the truth. One example he cited of his Government’s justness and equity is the way housing policies have benefitted Guyanese from every walk of life.
“When President Ramotar was there, I remember him asking me on more than one occasion, shouldn’t we share the statistics on Ministry of Housing because of wild accusations. And recently I’ve had the cause to ask for those stats.
“We’ve never been interested in governing in that way, because we’re supposed to govern for all. But I challenge anyone to look at the stats, look at the facts. And you will see the reflection of the core principles of the Government, that is to uplift the lives of every single Guyanese (and that) is shown in every piece of those stats.”
When it comes to national unity, President Ali admitted that it would not be a smooth road given the numerous challenges. But he contended that it should be the only road, especially since we are fundamentally stronger together.
Since coming to office, the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Government has made it clear that it is aiming to fulfil its manifesto promise of distributing 50,000 house lots over the next five years. The Ministry of Housing has also said it would work with other State agencies to make more land available for housing development.
These agencies include the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL); the Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission (GLSC) and the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) to pursue land acquisition for housing developments.
This year, the housing sector received a total allocation of $8.9 billion in the budget. Of this sum, $6 billion will go towards infrastructure and utility works in new and existing areas. This will pave the way for the allocation of over 10,000 house lots and 7000 land titles to citizens.
The Government has also gone countrywide with its “Dream Realised” house lot distribution campaign… an exercise that has so far distributed over 4000 house lots and over 500 land transports. In the Government’s first four months in office, 3500 house lots were distributed… an amount that was half the number of house lots distributed during the former Government’s five years in office. (G3)