President must be commended for intervening at GPL

Dear Editor,
I am pleased to see His Excellency Dr Irfaan Ali intervening in the affairs of GPL. Unfortunately, he should not have had to do so, but he has no other choice, since those whom he delegated the direct responsibility to so do have failed him, unashamedly too.
Despite this, many are of the view that nothing would come of this; his intervention is such that the status quo would remain. Well, I beg to differ, and I will explain why hereunder.
I have noted with interest a letter in the local press authored by a former minister under the APNU/AFC Govt, who accused the Government of covering up the mismanagement of GPL. Contrary to that view, having studied the GPL case study over the last few months, and the Skeldon case study to understand the root causes of their respective failures, I have arrived at a different conclusion based on the findings in both cases.
The conclusion is that, particularly in the case of GPL, the management of the entity has succeeded over the last decade up until now, facilitated, inter alia, the complicity at the subject ministerial level, to have manipulated the politicians at the executive level (the Presidency), thereby effectively shielding their incompetence, mediocrity, mismanagement, and poor management by design, which aided their many alleged wrongdoings, especially in the area of procurement.
This explains why they have failed to furnish their statutory reports to the National Assembly, thus evading scrutiny and being held accountable.

So the former Minister, who now emerges with all of the solutions, owes this nation an explanation as to why, under his stewardship as the former subject minister for GPL, he failed to comply with Section 67 of the Public Corporations Act. He has failed to hold GPL accountable largely because he was complicit. So, too, was the former President, David Granger, who failed to hold his subject minister accountable.
Conversely, President Ali is ensuring that he does not commit the mistake of his predecessor. The President has personally intervened, and everyone with responsibility is being held accountable. For this, the President must be commended, and I reject the “saintly missive” authored by the former minister, unless he subjects himself to providing the nation with explanations as to why those reports were never laid over in the National Assembly.
I cannot sit idly by and observe the many forces that are working assiduously to undermine the President on a daily basis.
Joel Bhagwandin