President’s pledge for animal welfare and protection

Dear Editor,
I read that President Irfaan Ali has pledged direct investment, and that allocations will be made to support associations and organisations concerned with the wellbeing and protection of animals. This brings to attention that our forgotten voiceless have been living in despair and desperation for far too long.
This benevolence from His Excellency and Government will add a measure of value to the short lives of animals, who share the entire landscape of our country as pets and sentients, living within our confines and external environs. Make no mistake, animals have a sense of self, and are capable of emotions through physical senses. We must learn to show compassion and empathy for the greater good of humankind towards animals.
I would like to add that animals must be allowed to live out their natural lives without fear of brutality and persecution. They are here to stay. Further, as an advocate for animals, I say that the outdated and dormant laws must be edited, refreshed, and re-enacted for offenders and violators who mistreat animals to correct immoral behaviour through the judicial system.
Finally, it was extremely thoughtful of First Lady Arya Ali to attend a meeting with Paws For A Cause, gathering all the information of urgent concerns, and in collaboration with the President, the process was initiated.

Zenobia Williams