Prison break threatens business community – Boyer

Private Sector Commission (PSC) Chairman Eddie Boyer said the entity had warned Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan about the possibility of another jailbreak, noting that the business community would now have to take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of their operations.
Speaking with Guyana Times on Monday, Boyer said the situation was a “sad” one, as it has now thrown more fear into the business community. He said it was obvious businesses would be affected, since there would not be much shopping taking place.

PSC Chairman Eddie Boyer

“Businesses will have to take the necessary measures for security. It will affect people coming to and going from Georgetown,” he told this publication.
Dwelling on the seriousness of the state of affairs, the PSC Chairman said the business organisation had questioned the Public Security Minister about Government’s ability to keep the situation stable following the fire and escape of other prisoners some two weeks ago. The Minister reassured the PSC that the situation was under control.
“If you had a second escape, then you can have a third,” Boyer chided.
Added to the four prisoners who escaped during the massive Camp Street Prison fire two Sundays ago, 13 more inmates who were being housed in makeshift camps at the Lusignan Prison escaped from their holding quarters. Investigators and prison officials believe that they escaped between Sunday evening and early Monday morning.
The escapees have been described as hardened criminals, many of whom have been incarcerated for murder.