Prison escape: Manhunt continues for convicted killer “Smallie” – Police

Escapee: Mark Royden Williams, called “Smallie”

The search for the notorious convicted killer and death row inmate, Mark Royden Williams, called “Smallie”, continues as law enforcement officials intensify their efforts following his well-planned escape from Mazaruni Prison.
According to an update from the Guyana Police Force Corporate Communications Unit on Wednesday, the female who had visited Williams before his escape and the boat captain who allegedly facilitated his flight are both still in Police custody.
Additionally, investigators have questioned two prison officers who were responsible for Williams during the time of his escape.
Williams, commonly known as “Smallie”, made a daring escape from the maximum-security Mazaruni Prison on May 19, with the assistance of heavily armed individuals. The escape occurred in broad daylight and involved the use of a speedboat.
During the escape, the escort party accompanying Williams was attacked with AK-47 rifles by the individuals on the boat, which was in the Mazaruni River. Following the escape, a reward of $10 million was announced by the Guyana Police Force for any information leading to Williams’s arrest.
Williams is a convicted mass murderer, having been found guilty of the Bartica Massacre in 2008. During that incident, he and his accomplices ambushed and killed 12 individuals, including three Policemen.
Further, Williams was sentenced to death in September of the previous year for the murder of Guyana Defence Force (GDF) member Corporal Ivor Williams, on January 23, 2008.
It is worth noting that Williams had previously escaped from the Camp Street Prison on July 9, 2017, but was eventually recaptured on October 10, 2017, on the Weldaad Public Road, West Coast Berbice. (G9)