Private Sector’s long-term vision integral in crafting Government policies – President Ali

– impressed with ongoing development of Pritipaul Singh Investment Inc

His Excellency Dr Irfaan Ali on Monday said that it is imperative that Government understands the long-term goals and visions of the Private Sector in order to craft policies and implement programmes that will facilitate the necessary growth of the country.

President Irfaan Ali during a tour of Pritipaul Investment Inc on Monday

The Head of State said that the relationship between the two bodies is synergetic and extremely important to the overall development of the country.
These sentiments were echoed when he visited Pritipaul Singh Investment Inc, Providence, East Bank Demerara (EBD), and McDoom, Greater Georgetown, on Monday.
The visit stemmed from the President’s drive to diversify Guyana’s economy. Since taking office, the Head of State has been adamant that all sectors, including fishery, would be bolstered.
During Monday’s visit, the President and his team were given a tour of the two locations where he was able to see firsthand the stages of operations in the shrimp and fish processing plants.
“I thought it necessary to come out and to visit one of our largest production facilities in terms of our fishery sector and the products they export. It was a delight and a great pleasure to visit Pritipaul Investments. What I’ve learned is the magnitude of this investment, the size of the sector itself and opportunities that lies within the sector.”

The ongoing expansion works at the Providence location is value in excess of US$75 million

President Ali noted too that it was imperative that he visited the facility to gain a better understanding of its processes and functions.
“I think that is necessary to appreciate what happens in the sector. I’m also very happy to hear of the long-term plans of Pritipaul Singh Investment, not only in wild catch, but looking at aquaculture. The number of persons employed here is enormous, his contribution to the economy definitely is very enormous without a doubt.”
The President further stated that over the next few weeks, he will be visiting more processing facilities so that the Government will be better informed to craft programmes and policies to respond to the needs of operators. “It was a learning experience today. And I’m very happy that I visited.”
Accompanying President Ali were PSI’s Chief Executive Officer, Pritipaul Singh Snr, Pritipaul Singh Jr and other representatives of the company.
According to the CEO, the ongoing expansion works at the Providence location is in excess of US$75 million and will see the addition of a state-of-the-art facility with greater capacity.
“What’s happening at Providence, we have to consolidate Pritipaul Singh Investments; we are moving our operations as we have two locations. Instead of having two locations, we are consolidating the business. Because what is happening in the world environment, because of economic situation, and to become more profitable it is wiser to consolidate the business and maximise our efficiency,” Singh stated.
He added that the move will also create additional jobs.
Singh also expressed his appreciated to President Ali for his vision of expanding aquaculture in Guyana while noting that the facility he is currently constructing at Providence has the capacity to take up the challenges of the sector.
He said that his company will also be instrumental in marketing, production and exporting.
“At the end of the day the people of Guyana must benefit from what we are doing here, I am happy to be on board with the President.”