Probe launched into MV Sabanto’s crash

… captain, sailors accused of being under the influence

By Indrawattie Natram

Transport officials have launched a probe into Tuesday evening’s crash of the MV Sabanto after the captain

The damaged ramp
The damaged ramp

reportedly lost control of the vessel while mooring at the Supenaam Stelling, in Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam).
The crash resulted in severe damage to the back of the vessel and sections of the stelling. The incident occurred about 18:30h as the vessel arrived from Parika with hundreds of passengers and vehicles onboard.
Persons who were on the boat at the time of the incident began to panic as they were only able to disembark almost two hours later at 20:00h, while several vehicles were damaged as a result of the collision.
Eyewitnesses described the situation at the stelling as “chaotic.”
Information reaching Guyana Times indicated that the captain of the vessel as well as his sailors were reportedly all under the influence at the time of the accident. As such, investigators have since turned their attention to the crew.
While the probe is ongoing, owners of the vehicles that were damaged are demanding compensation. Meanwhile, several vehicles, loaded with goods, including perishables were left stranded at Supenaam, forcing authorities to turn to the age old ferries – the MV Malali and the MV Moukoria to ply the route.
The MV Malali takes approximately five hours to travel from Supenaam to Parika, while the MV Sabanto plies the route in just 90 minutes.
Transport authorities told this publication on Wednesday evening that they were working to have the damaged stelling repaired at soonest. Authorities also warned that anyone found culpable will be sanctioned.