Public harassment by minibus touts

Dear Editor,
This letter seeks to shed light on the plight that many public transportation users are forced to endure daily by bus touts.
Allow me to highlight one particular instance where I was on the bus park attempting to get into a minibus. Out of nowhere, I was aggressively approached by four men, forcibly beckoning me to enter the minibus they were touting. And if that isn’t terrible enough, one of the men even grabbed onto the bag I was carrying.
Much to my dismay, none of these men were wearing masks but yet they stood seemingly less than two feet away from me, with little to no consideration for my personal space or regard for the COVID-19 safety protocols and guidelines. The whole ordeal was quite traumatising for me. Both children and the elderly are subjected to this same awful treatment at the hands of these touts. This practice is beyond unacceptable
The whole situation begs the question, what plans do the relevant authorities such as the Guyana Police Force and the Minibus Association have to curb this issue which boils down to gross harassment? In my opinion and I am certain that my fellow Guyanese share the same sentiments, these touts need to be removed immediately.
I urgently call on the Guyana Police Force to address this matter which continues to cause distress and annoyance to citizens.
TC Graham