Public Works Ministry considering new Canal #2 access road

The Public Works Ministry will, next month, finalise a decision on whether or not it would construct an access road to Canal Number Two Polder, amid requests from several citizens.
Public Works Minister Juan Edghill has met with a group of residents from Canal Number Two Polder, West Bank Demerara, and a request was made to speedily address their need for an access road in the community.

Public Works Minister Juan Edghill meeting with the residents of Canal Number Two Polder

Earlier this month, Edghill had visited the community after another group of residents had invited him to visit the area to determine the possibility of constructing a road opposite the Conservancy Dam in Canal Number Two. However, after walking the length of the dam and having the Ministry’s engineers thoroughly examine the area, Minister Edghill had sought to have an open discussion with residents about their request. This was because facilitation of their request was not then possible because of several challenges and potential contamination of the Conservancy.
However, upon hearing that it was not possible to accommodate their request, residents had raised objections and had protested, which had abruptly ended the meeting. At that time, Edghill had urged the residents to work together and come up with another possible route that would benefit them all.
The second group of residents who visited this minister asked for an access road to be constructed in another part of the community, which they said would benefit everyone, especially farmers, who struggle daily when transporting their produce. Vehicle owners and taxi drivers who frequent the area would also be relieved, they said. As such, the Public Works Minister has assured that the group’s request would be considered.
“I have heard y’all, and I will do a review, and within a couple of weeks, maximum three weeks or by the middle of October, we have to make up our minds if that road will be done this year. The decision I will make is a decision that would be right and good for the entire community,” the Minister has said.
The Public Works Ministry has been given the largest allocation of Government’s $552.9 billion budget this year – the largest budget ever passed to date. A whopping $96.1 billion has been allocated to this ministry, and this would be used for new infrastructural works as well as updates to current structures across the country.
From this sum, some $88 billion has been set aside for capital expenses, covering several major projects. Some $76.7 billion has also been allotted for roads and bridges. (G12)