Questions for the Integrity Commission

Dear Editor,
The significant meaning of the word vice has underlining values which no one would want to lavishly, lovingly, legally, legitimately or loyally associate himself or herself with, because of the lack of any conundrum with the taste of decorum. Not, of course, if one wants to promote the promulgation of impropriety, immorality and impoliteness, pervading in the realm of ceremonial unscrupulousness.
Recently, that word played a pivotal part in providing a popular platform to penetrate all its pertinence and impertinence with the Guyanese public. One of the eventual casualties was the consequential question of the declaration of assets which was very pronounced, and the beating of the drum reverberated throughout the globe. No one pivoted on the inquiry of liabilities. Transparency dominated the picture, and obscene acts played out with obsessive vehemence.
The conscience (innocence?) of the Guyana Integrity Commission entered as the fiery dragon to quell, quench or quarantine this query. This body’s honesty, righteousness, dignity and loyalty have always presented doubts in the eyes and minds of the Guyanese public.
To quote from one of its last notices: “The Integrity Commission hereby wishes to inform all Specified Public Officers of its extension of submission date for the 2021 Declarations. The previous date as stated (August 31, 2021) is now extended to October 31, 2021. All Specified Public Officers are kindly asked to take note that Declarations of their Assets & Liabilities include those for themselves, spouse and children. You are also reminded to attach their supporting documents to their declaration forms.
Supporting Documents included:
1. Copy of income statement (s) from employer(s) for declaration period (salary statements, pay slips, employment contract, cheque stubs where applicable)
2. Copy of rental agreement(s)
3. Copy of Transport(s)/
Certificate(s) of Title/Lease(s)
4. Copy of latest valuation (s) (conducted within the last three (3) years 2019, 2020 and 2021)
5. Bank Statement(s) as at June 30, 2021
6. Copy of Certificate(s) of Registration for Motor Vehicle(s)
7. Any other supporting documents (for information filled in the Declaration Form, which included, but was not limited to, Articles of Incorporation, business registration, share certificates, insurance policies, loan agreements, and/or mortgage deeds, trust deeds where applicable) 2018, 2019 and 2020 default Specified Public Officers are also reminded to submit their declaration form along with the above supporting documents.
All Specified Public Officers who are in non-compliance (to file a declaration with the Commission) are subject to Section 22 of the Commission’s Act No. 20 of 1997. The provision of all declaration must be sent to:
The Integrity Commission’s Secretariat:
34 King Street,
Lacytown, Georgetown OR
PO Box 101510.
For further information, kindly contact the Secretary or Legal/Compliance Officer
on telephone numbers: 227-7688, 226-0142.
Visitation to our office can be at the address above only by appointments”
Two simple concluding questions for the Commission, “Were the defaulting officers in compliance with this request? If in the negative, when will the list with the names of the defaulters be made available for the public’s scrutiny?” Thank you.

Jai Lall