Raising… Cain in Buxton

Ever since Adam and Eve’s son Cain killed his brother Abel, “raising cain” meant to cause serious trouble in society. Well, in this century, the village of Buxton has unfortunately earned this moniker after those five “freedom fighters” broke out of Camp Street jail and found refuge there. They, of course, killed fellow villagers, wreaked murder and mayhem in surrounding communities, and took on the Disciplined Forces – not to mention kidnapping the US Caribbean Security head!! Now that’s more than chutzpah!! That’s (brass) balls!!
Now, while it’s been said that those bandits held the village hostage, there’s also evidence that a significant section supported them – even though they raped a number of village girls!! They also recruited a bunch of youths as lookouts, who now gotta be grown men and women who’ve tasted life on the wild side!! Buxton had become a state within a state – where the gangsters enforced their rough-and-ready law!! As a result, Buxton shrugged off its early reputation for education and a grounded rural lifestyle, and could now be counted to provide bodies to be thrown into any fray – at the drop of a hat.
This was demonstrated clearly last Wednesday when – from reports – CANU was in hot pursuit of a suspected drug dealer, and it took them through Buxton. Well – who told them to do THAT!!?? Didn’t they know that Buxton operates under a different law? So, even though there are now international treaties that permit countries to enter the territory of other states under the doctrine of “hot pursuit” – Buxton’s laws transcend even those!! As the lawmen tried to corner the drug smuggler in his car, they evidently fired some shots at the car.
And that was when bedlam broke out!! Enraged villagers started attacking the CANU forces, causing bodily and material damage. The lawmen fired some shots in the air to warn them off and – since what goes up must come down – some of the shells must’ve fallen on some roofs. No one was injured however; not even the fleeing drug smuggler, who ended up in a canal. There was a bag in his trunk with 50 pounds of ganja!! Seems that CANU’s intelligence was spot on!!
But that wasn’t the end of the matter. The villagers’ demands now escalated to demand the smuggler be released!! Guess by the laws of independent Buxton, 50 pounds of ganja is below the forbidden quantity!! Pass many Dutchies on the left-hand side, man!! And not getting their proclamation followed by the regular Police that had arrived by then, they proceeded to torch a truck laden with rice, as well as pulling all sorts of debris on the Public Road that stopped traffic cold!! !
And so it was for four hours – even as the army was called out!!

…corruption concerns
Your Eyewitness mentioned Transparency International’s giving us a score of 60 on their Corruption Index – making us the 85th most corrupt country in the world!! But how did the big boys – whom we wanna become when we grow up – score?? The US weighed in at 24th place with a score of 69, while the UK scored much better with 73 and 18th place. Now, what concerns your Eyewitness is: how come they scored so much better than us??
We know, after all, that right off the bat, while folks in the Third World steal oodles of cash, most of them stash the loot with UK and US companies that run those havens!! Isn’t that at least the crime of “aiding and abetting??” And doesn’t the US$22 BILLION stolen by Sam Bankerman-Fried in five years with his crypto Ponzi Scheme just about match all the cocaine shipped by Pablo Escobar in his entire lifetime??
And he’s just one!!

If lawyers are disbarred and priests are defrocked, then are electricians “delighted”;
Corpses “decrypted”; Cowboys “deranged”; Models “deposed; “Underwear models “debriefed”; Jilted women “debrided”; Florists “deflowered”; Students “detested”; Hostels “debunked”; and Spies debugged and detailed???