Ramjattan must do better

Dear Editor,
I was humbled to be called upon to moderate a show on the information superhighway by a global company called GLOBESPAN 24×7. That show was watched by some 35,000 viewers internationally to date.
It was an amazing experience since I was in Maryland, USA, talking to Christopher Ram in Queens, New York; and Khemraj Ramjattan in Georgetown Guyana, powered by a system from somewhere else in the USA, but at the same time connecting to a live town hall audience in Little Guyana in Richmond Hill, a telephone audience in Guyana, Trinidad, Canada and the USA and a global audience by way of Facebook.
But my excitement was eviscerated midway in the show when I reflected upon the fact that two senior members of Guyanese society who claimed that they are friends, could not even have a completely decent conversation on such an issue of national importance – the Road Map after March 20, 2019. There were many good points made by both parties but the show will be remembered by many for the wild and unproven allegations from Ramjattan.
Ramjattan as the person responsible for the Police prosecutorial services made serious allegations against former Member of Parliament, Charrandas Persaud.
I was extremely uncomfortable with his statements because as the person responsible for the Police, he (Mr Ramjattan) and the Guyana Police Force have not provided one iota of evidence against Charrandas Persaud on these allegations.
Further, they have not brought any charges to bear against Charrandas Persaud. So it was totally reckless, irresponsible and infantile of Ramjattan to have done such a great disservice himself by issuing such wild and baseless allegations against his fellow former AFC member.
I am gravely disappointed in Ramjattan, he must do better than this.

Sasenarine Singh