RAW Nationals (Unequipped) set for August 25

In keeping a keen eye on its calendar of activities the Guyana Amateur Powerlifting Federation (GAPLF) will now focus their attention on the RAW Nationals (Unequipped) which is scheduled for August 25 at the Saints Stanislaus Auditorium.
At this competition, the athletes will be lifting with little to no additional equipment during their lifts. Persons who are interested in competing at the Raw Nationals are required to submit their application and pay their fees. The forms and monies can be submitted to executive member, Martin Webster. A screenshot of the filled out registration along with the deposit slip to the GAPLF Bank Account #6552194 will be accepted as well.
The competition will be one to watch as veterans will return to stake their claim, while the newbies will aim to break new records and show off their strength on the given date as they fight for supremacy. Natoya Robinson who was last year’s victor in her category is expected to return and defend her title as she set national records for the 84+kg Division, she squatted 165.5kg, bench-pressed 92.5kg and dead lifted 195.5kg for a total of 453.5kg.
Up for grab this year will be year will be the position of male overall winner which was once held by Carlos Peterson Griffith. This occurred because the athlete violated both the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) constitution along with the GAPLF constitution. In Article 14.9 of the IPF constitution it states, “Participating in non-IPF competition: any lifter, coach, referee or official who competes or participates in an international powerlifting or bench press competition not organised, sanctioned or approved by the IPF shall not be permitted to take part in any IPF international or regional competition for a period of 12 months from the date of that non-approved competition.”
Peterson set a national record of a 305kg squat and Bench press 160kg en-route to claiming the male overall crown with 509.490 Wilks points; Peterson set a new national record in the deadlift, lifting 345kg. His total of 810kg was also a national. Therefore, a new winner will be crowned and as such without the dominant factor making his presence felt, lifters can breathe a sigh of relief as the target will now be achievable.