RDC 10 Councillors mount calls for increased stipend

Councillors within the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) of Region 10 (Upper Demerara/Berbice) have refused to abort calls for an increase in their stipend, and continue to do so at the statutory level. During a recent meeting of the Council, Councillor Gordon Callender reiterated to Regional Chairman Renis Morian that by law, the Council may each year, with the approval of the Minister appropriate out of the funds, a sum to be utilised for the remuneration of councillors, other than travelling and subsistence expenses. He stated, “…and may with such an approval determine what sum shall be paid unto each councillor.”
According to Callender, the stipend of the Georgetown City Council is much greater than that of Region 10. Presently, Region 10 councillors receive a monthly stipend of ,000, but have argued that the level of their roles and responsibilities encompasses much more than what the amount allows.
In presenting his argument, Callender said councillors are “not junkies” and deserve to be treated better. More so, he continued to urge Morian to make the necessary representation on behalf of the council. Callender said councillors went as far as preparing a “document” so their voices could be heard regarding the issue. Just recently, some councillors had compared their duties with those of members of parliament who have received a 50 per cent increase. In some instances they had indicated that councillors are tasked with a heftier workload. The councillors had even threatened to down tools over the issue.