Rebuilding GECOM sees the dismantling of the PNC’s stomping ground

Dear Editor,
The GECOM is in the final stages of getting itself together as we go into the future for the holding of any elections here. This democratic institution is at its acme of preparedness, which is a sure sign that our lesson of 2015-2020 would have been learnt. We have learned our lesson well, leaving behind all the dross and embarrassment of that period, while meticulously building on those hard-fought gains. This is The Guyana Elections Commission that we have built, and one that has met international standards.
Now, while we stand proud in the establishment of an electoral institution of transparency and trust, other folks – notably the PNC – are grumbling and crying fraud. There is no fraud at GECOM, but we know the reason for their grumblings and all of this lies in the telltale fact that their rigging empire has come crashing down. Rigging is dead, it cannot lift its ugly head again.
It hurts to see a place where you could have easily perpetuated fraud and govern illegally being broken down. Yes, the PNC are distraught with the fact that they cannot carry out their fraudulent actions.
So, I sarcastically say it hurts; the truth really hurts! No more would there be the hiding of SOPs, or the barefaced declaration of fictitious results. No more can we countenance an Information Technician hiding in the washroom trying desperately to falsify figures. It also means that there would be no signatures of a Government Minister on the final declaration of results of an election.
Rebuilding GECOM brick by brick sees the dismantling of the PNC’s stomping ground. We have removed the bugbear that has besmirched us for decades. Our country must move into the future with an institution we can trust.

Neil Adams