…from Maduro
Well, now that the World Court has delivered its BINDING judgement: that Venezuela should forget about the referendum today, did you, dear reader, think it’d change anything for Mad Maduro?? If you did, then you must be one of those eternal optimists who believe Manna’s gonna drop from the sky one day!! In other words, you’re living in la la land!! This is a man who, in the face of 98% of his country now living in poverty because of his policies, yet boasts about the “success” of the Chavez Revolution!!
Maduro had already thumbed his nose at the ICJ when he denied their jurisdiction on deciding the validity of the 1899 Arbitral Award. So now – in a surreal turn of events – he doesn’t invoke any jurisdictional overreach, but announces that the Court ruled in his favour!! In such a sensitive matter, your Eyewitness doesn’t want anyone to think he’s biased – so he’ll quote the Court’s decision verbatim!!
1: unanimously pending a final decision in the case (on the validity of the 1899 Arbitral Award), the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela shall refrain from taking any action which would modify the situation that currently prevails in the territory in dispute, whereby the Cooperative Republic of Guyana administers and exercises control over that area; and 2: unanimously, both parties shall refrain from any action which might aggravate or extend the dispute before the court, or make it more difficult to resolve.”
Which part of “Venezuela shall refrain” from changing the status quo on Essequibo doesn’t Mad Maduro understand? And what’s that status quo?? Heck…we’re occupying every square inch of it right now, aren’t we – and pumping and shipping those 11 billion barrels of oil under its offshore!! But he’s like those little kids who believe that if they close their eyes the world disappears!! And if they stamp their feet long enough, they’ll get their way – cause Mommy’s gonna be frustrated!
But he forgets there ain’t no Mommy who’s gonna hand him Essequibo – even if he screams himself hoarse!!
Every country that counts – especially Brazil, to its south – has verbally bitch slapped him for his arrogance. They know if they don’t put a stop to Maduro’s craziness, they’re gonna be next!! So, the question is “what next?” Sadly, we should know that the only way the ICJ can enforce its rulings is to submit them to the UN Security Council for them to take appropriate action – including force!!
But we know that ain’t gonna happen, don’t we? Cause Russia – which invaded Ukraine to seize territory – wouldn’t want to set a precedent. They’ll veto!! So, we’ll just have to put up with Mad Maduro’s foot stamping and screaming!!
Unless America bitch slaps him physically!!

Yeah…that’s right!! Let’s face it, America’s the only power that can manners Mad Maduro and return some stability to the hemisphere. Firstly, his misguided policies have sent 7.7 million refugees (and counting!!) flooding far beyond its neighbours – including the US. The magnitude’s causing all sorts of disruptions. Colombia – with its drug challenges – now gotta deal with 2.5 million Venezuelans looking to make a living any way they can!! Including crime!!
And that’s America’s reality too, innit?? They’ve been trying to straighten the dictator for a decade – using sanctions for even drug running!! But Russia and China have been conniving with Maduro to evade those sanctions. Unlike back in the day, America’s trying to get him out with the “STICK” of democratic elections – knowing the majority of Venezuelans are now sick and tired of him and his oily promises!!
The CARROT was licensing Chevron to start pumping oil again – and bring in some hard currency. If the referendum’s ON TODAY, the licence should be OFF!

We’ve been so caught up with the bully in the west that we forgot the truce between Israel and Hamas is over. How do we know?? Israel’s once again bombing civilians herded into areas they defined as “safe havens”!!