Reduction of minibus fares

Dear Editor,
The Guyana Oil and Gas Energy Chamber President is calling on public transportation providers to reduce fares following Guyoil’s reduction in fuel prices (Guyana Times of 01/10/2020).
The United Minibus Union (UMU) sees this statement by the GOGEC President as being irresponsible and somewhat inflammatory, in that the statement could create enmity between transportation service providers and commuters. It took the UMU almost six years (2008-2014) to secure a formal increase of $20 on the then existing fare for each route. Even though fuel price was noted, there were many other factors that were considered, among which was the commuters’ ability to pay the increase.
At this point in time, the UMU is more concerned about the loss of jobs, decrease in earnings, overloading of vehicles, non-use of masks and hand/vehicle sanitizing, among other health requirements in keeping with the COVID-19 pandemic. When activities in Guyana return to normal, the Union would endeavour to deal with germane issues.

Eon Andrews
President: United Minibus Union