Reg 7 to be integrated into national development plans – Pres Ali

…urges Bartica to vote for local leaders who will prioritise development

Residents of Bartica were on Sunday reminded of their importance in the national development trajectory, with President Dr Irfaan Ali taking the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Local Government Election (LGE) 2023 campaign to the Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni) town.

The mammoth crowd at the Bartica meeting on Sunday evening

During his address to residents of Bartica at Dino Square, Second Avenue, President Ali contrasted the differences in development that came to Bartica during the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) time in office, with the PPP/C ‘s vision for the town. According to him, the PPP/C wants to integrate Bartica into the national development plans that are taking place.
“In the days ahead, you have a very serious decision to make. A decision that will impact your township, impact your lives, your family’s lives, impact the development of this town. And my friends, Region Seven is on a forward-looking trajectory,” the President said in his address to residents.
“The development plans that we have nationally, Region Seven is going to be integrated into that plan that links Region 10, that links the new highway to Lethem, that connects Region Seven to Region Three and Region Three to port Georgetown. The type of development we are planning in the national transformation programme, would feature Region Seven, particularly at the core of our development trajectory.”

President Dr Irfaan Ali addressing the gathering

According to Ali, however, the completion of these plans requires leadership at the regional level that is prepared to work with the Government at the central executive level. He, therefore, urged Barticians to vote for the PPP/C when they go to the polls.
“That requires leadership at the local level. Leadership at the municipal level. That can have synergy with the leadership at the national level. And not leadership that is pulling in the opposite direction of development. That is pulling in the opposite direction of progress. And pulling in the opposite direction of moving things forward,” President Ali said.
“It is important that we have leaders who can embrace the priority of the people. The priority of the township. The priority of development is its focus. And not the priority of political propaganda and mischief. That is why, in these elections, we are representing a platform in which the priority of the people, the township, the region, your lives and advancement, is the paramount driving force that is pushing us forward to ensure we win this township.”
The PPP/C has a number of transformative projects underway that are specifically targeted at Bartica – regional economic and infrastructural development projects the Government has said will be linked to the national transformative infrastructure.
These include the construction of the Timehri to Bartica road link, the upgrade to hospitals in Bartica, the construction of a $10 million bond at the Bartica Hospital, the introduction of the flagship initiative – Picture Archiving Computing System (PACS) at the Bartica Hospital, the establishment of a $26.3 million Maternal and Child Health Centre, Government’s solar farm project, recommencement of the Bartica Stelling project, commissioning of a $177 million modern Bartica Magistrate’s Court and the improvement in water services and delivery with the replacement of old transmission mains.
There is also the Linden to Lethem Road which, considering Bartica’s proximity to Linden, is expected to also benefit the township. The Linden-Lethem Road is being upgraded to an all-weather road, with the contractor being required to produce an asphaltic surface capable of withstanding the heavily laden lorries which currently use the thoroughfare.
The first phase of the project focuses on a two-lane highway being constructed from sand and dirt to an asphaltic concrete surface. The road will be approximately 121 kilometres long and 7.2 metres wide. The project is expected to last for three years. With tangible works taking place, residents have started focusing on the new possibilities for business opportunities.
The project is being funded by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) via a US$112 million loan, a grant to the tune of £50 million (US$66 million) from the United Kingdom under the Caribbean Infrastructure Partnership Fund (CIPF), and an input of US$12 million from the Guyana Government.
With a 7.2-metre-wide carriageway, the Linden-to-Mabura Road will feature a cycle and pedestrian lane measuring 2 metres wide, along with 10 bus stops outfitted with ramps for persons with disabilities. Additionally, a number of bridges and culverts along the way will be replaced, and some 123 lights will be installed. (G-3)