Region 1 Chairman meets with Port Kaituma residents

– discusses rehabilitating access road

Region One (Barima-Waini) Chairman Brentnol Ashley along, with members of the Regional Democratic Council (RDC), on Tuesday met with residents of Port Kaituma to address their woes.

Regional Chairman Brentnol Ashley meeting with the residents
Regional Chairman Brentnol Ashley meeting with the residents

The visit was initiated following protest action taken by the residents of Port Kaituma to have the access road running from Port Kaituma Central to Baramita urgently repaired.
According to reports, the RDC has been calling for the road to be rehabilitated for almost a year; however, preparations have not been made to remedy the situation.
Just last week, several trucks overturned while attempting to use the road because of its current deplorable condition. The road is said to be slushy with deep water-filled holes. It is also said to be eroding.
Speaking with Guyana Times on Tuesday, Ashley said he, along with members of the RDC met with residents to address their issues, noting that focus will be placed on addressing and formulating plans to have the matter concerning the Port Kaituma road looked into urgently.
“We are currently meeting with the residents to make plans for them and also to hear from them their issues and concerns. We hope that we can have their issues corrected,” he said.
Some of the concerns voiced by residents were those of travelling fares which have been drastically increased because of the state of the road. Motorists are complaining of the costliness of maintaining their vehicles.
Last week, Communities Minister Ronald Bulkhan along with a team, visited the region but was met with a dismal response from residents.
Minister Bulkan noted that he is committed to working along with the RDC and the people of the region to address their various challenges.