Region 2 residents calling for fogging to commence

Health Department without vehicle, monitoring weather conditions

By Indrawattie Natram

Residents living in various communities in Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) are calling for fogging to be conducted in their areas to eliminate the mosquito menace that have grown over the past months.

Councillor Arnold Adams
Councillor Arnold Adams

Several communities especially Charity have complained of experiencing fever, severe skin rashes and vomiting. Although Regional Health Officers have confirmed that there is not an outbreak of mosquito-borne diseases in the areas, residents are falling sick daily.

At the recent statutory meeting of Regional Democratic Council (RDC) PPP/C councillor and head of the Health and Sanitation Committee Arnold Adams, said following reports made by residents of Charity a team visited the area and conducted an investigation into the outbreak. Adams said that indeed a lot of persons have been diagnosed at the Charity Oscar Joseph Hospital with fever, common cough and skin rashes. He called on the Charity/Usara NDC along with the Region Two Administration to clear the canal at the back of the charity area.

Adams said the canal is clogged with weed and that is the main contributory factor to the high influx of insects in the area.

Adams called for the cleaning of the canal and said the chairman of the Essequibo Chambers of Commerce Dalip Singh gave assurance that the ECC is willing to partner with the Public Health department to conduct the fogging exercises.

When contacted, senior Environmental Officer, Department of Public Health, Region Two, Shaleena Baksh, she said the department is not equipped with a vehicle to conduct the exercises.

She however said that necessary resources, such as fuel, had been uplifted to conduct same from the Region Two Administration.

However, Baksh noted the department is currently monitoring the weather conditions to start the fogging exercises, explaining that to fog during the rainy season is a waste of time and resources. She also said the Essequibo Chambers of Commerce is willing to lend support by providing a vehicle for the exercise.