Regional Councillors earn $10,000 stipend/salary

Dear Editor,
I would like to bring to the attention of the newly-appointed Honourable Minister of Local Government that the compensation of regional councillors is $10,000.
Regional councillors are the second-tier managers/leaders within the 10 administrative regions of Guyana.
I would like to remind you of a promise made by the then Government regarding the increase in stipends for all regional councillors, dating back to July 31st and August 4th, 2015 respectively. I firmly believe that this is the right direction to take, but the past Government failed to honour its promise.
I know that you, as now the sitting Minister, mean well and would gladly support such an outline with respect to my proposition. I propose that stipend/salary be pegged at $70,000 minimum.
Further, I would like to stress that, as the Government arm of the State, it is prudent that regional councillors should be treated as valued servants, hence there should be an increase in councillors’ stipends to that of a livable wage, to address today’s cost of living.
There are some other identified areas that should be considered also as a comprehensive package for all regional councillors.
(1) Duty Free – Every 3 years.
(2) Health Insurance – $50,000
(3) Phone Allowance $5000
(4) Entertainment Allowance $10,000
(5) Annual Training
(6) Professional Training
(7) Regional Retreats
This would allow the councillors to have a sense of pride and commitment to their work and services, to the region’s advancement and development as a whole.

Yours respectfully,
Ivan Bentham