Reis, Webster-London, Persaud reign supreme

Robert & Ravi Birthday Golf Classic 2019…

With a large turnout of golfers and with the golf course in fine condition, former Guyana Open Female champion Shanella Webster-London dominated the competition to emerge tournament champion with her overall Best Net score of 66;, while Parmanand ‘Max’ Persaud and Clifford Reis emerged as winners in their respective flights in the Robert & Ravi Birthday Classic on Saturday.
All three winners ascribed their great performances to others. Shanella attributed her victory to the encouraging words and particular blessing she received from her mentor and coach, Dr Philbert London.
“Dr London’s words and blessing on Friday supercharged my performance on Saturday,” she declared.
Max said, “The group I played in included the reigning Guyana Open Male Champion Avinash Persaud, Runner-up Kevin Dinanauth, as well as a very good senior golfer, Aasrodeen Shaw; and they really inspired my play.”
Each of the players in Max’s group won a prize.
Reis mentioned, “I played in good company – Hilbert Shields, Troy Cadogan and Paton George – where the intellectual conversation was very stimulating. It was more than golf, it was of refreshing management concepts and experiences.” The winners in Clifford’s flight were from his group.
While prizes in each flight were awarded only to the first 2 places, this article looks at the top four performers in each flight. They were as follows: In the 22 – 28 category: Clifford Reis (68/25) – 1st; Troy Cadogan (75/26) – 2nd; Paton George (77/22) – 3rd; and co-sponsor Robert Hanoman (82/27) – 4th.
In the 15-21 flight: Shanella Webster-London (66/16) – 1st; Aasrodeen Shaw (68/16) – 2nd; co-sponsor Rabindranath ‘Ravi’ Persaud (71/17) – 3rd; and Brian Glasford (73/17) – 4th.
In the 0-14 group: Parmanand ‘Max’ Persaud (68/13) – 1st; Patrick Prashad (70/9) – 2nd; Kevin Dinanauth (71/6) – 3rd; and Mike Mangal (72/9) – 4th.
Winners of four special prizes were: Nearest to the Pin (4ft) – Aasrodeen Shaw; Longest Drive (280 yds) –Avinash Persaud; Best Gross (77) – Kevin Dinanauth; and tournament champion from her overall Best Net score (66) – Shanella Webster-London.
Counsel and member Robert Hanoman also received a Life Member’s Certificate for his great contribution to the Club over the years.
Counsel Robert Hanoman and Pandit Rabindranath ‘Ravi’ Persaud, though not in the winners’ row, were delighted at the great support the tournament had received, and performance of the golfers in this their first jointly-sponsored golf tournament.
A highlight of the day’s activities was the appreciation and congratulatory speech made by Counsel Robert Hanoman. Making full use of the occasion, he articulated his dream for the Lusignan Golf Club, making mention of things he hoped would be accomplished in his lifetime.
“I dream of a larger, much-greater-used bar and a fine restaurant catering for both local and foreign dishes, so that persons could travel away from the city and enjoy a great meal in a lovely atmosphere. I dream of a massage parlour where golfers can go immediately after a tournament and be refreshed,” he said.
He offered congratulations to the Golf Club Executive, and especially current President Aleem Hussain, who he said had done a fantastic job, and had done greater than any previous president at publicising the club and ensuring year-long readiness of the course.
Visiting Indian Ambassador Mahalingam Venkatachalam, a friend of Pandit Ravi and himself a golfer, was a participant in the day’s tournament, and assisted in the distribution of prizes.