…The recount
So, who’s surprised that the PNC came out of their “hold me-loose me” mode to announce they won’t accept the recount, cause it’s “not credible”?? If it’s one thing you can’t accuse this version of the PNC about, it is that they’re subtle!! I mean, what made them wait till the cock had crowed thrice before giving Mingo the nod to inflate those Reg 4 SOPs?? After barely squeezing in back in 2015 with AFC’s help from their Indian 10%, did they think they’d have a repeat after kicking the latter constituency in their (sugar) teeth??
So, there you had poor Mingo, like a deer caught in the headlights, being told to come up with God knows how many thousand more votes for the PNC!! The man had to become a thespian in a split second to be rushed to GPHC for a “heart condition”. The cardiologist could only confirm his heart was thumping much faster than usual, and sent him back to make his announcement. After all, the backroom boys (and girls) supplied by Lowenfield had already done the dirty with that now infamous flash drive!!
But because this feint was so egregious – especially with all those pesky observers and diplomats around – the PNC immediately had to come up with a Plan B. And this was to attack the credibility of the recount – which by them had been forced onto Granger – in whichever way possible. And we know “possibility” is infinite!! So we had accusations of the dead being exhumed by the PPP and made to vote; migrants slipping back into the country through the backtrack routes to vote, after they’d left legally and had their passports stamped and everything.
Most deviously, the PPP was able to get the POs at hundreds of polling stations across Guyana to mess up the stamping of Disciplined Forces votes that had been sent to them for intermixing into the regular voters!!
Not satisfied with these specific instances of alleged skullduggery, one businessman Stanley Ming – long associated with the PNC, and having a mega oil project in the works – was shanghaied and deployed to dispute the credibility of the entire edifice on which the elections depend – the OLE!!
So, to your Eyewitness, it was more than a tad anti-climactic when – as the ballot boxes dwindled down to the last few hundreds from Reg 4 – the PNC choir all started singing the “no credible” recount song!!
But it matters not. The GECOM Commission is compelled by law to declare a winner. The matter of “credibility” is one for the courts, since this is a question of fact that must be judicially weighed!!
The fat lady will have to sing that the PPP won!!

…their leader’s promise?
That the PNC believe in bullyism along with brute force and ignorance became a cliché after decades of the Guyanese people witnessing them in action. There was the great betrayal of the nationalist movement in the 1960s by their founder-leader Burnham, who set the mould with the violent riots to oust the PPP from office.
There were some who felt we’d be spared the outbursts the nation suffered in 1992, 1998, and 2001-2008, after the PNC were able to win their second election without rigging, in 2015. The first was in 1964, also in a coalition. Folks figured that even if they lost in 2020, they could always return. Notwithstanding the Mingo manoeuvre, after Granger promised to honour the recount, the naïve thought we’d be spared. They forgot that Granger and Harmon had perfected the “good soldier- bad soldier” routine to a ‘T”!
So, while Granger continued simpering about accepting the recount, Harmon exposed the steel fist. He bluntly threatened GECOM to approve his claimed “irregularities”! Or else!!

…their own spiel
Caught in their own artifice, the PNC claimed they never submitted attorney Kissoon’s name to the COP for checking as a migrant who voted. But no one said they did.
The objection was made by their recount agent!!