Requirements for posting parcels at the Post Office

Dear Editor,
The Guyana Post Office Corporation (GPOC) wishes to acknowledge Mr Roshan Khan’s (Sr) letter published in the newspaper and captioned, “GPOC needs tweaking to remain relevant”. GPOC wishes to apologise to the customer for the inconvenience caused.
Further, while efforts are being made to modernise the Post Office, the general public is hereby advised that the following documents are required when sending a parcel via the Post Office:
1. Proof of address: This is any mail addressed and delivered to you by the Post Office within the last three months. It should reflect the date stamp of the delivery Post Office and,
2. Valid identification – This may be your National Identification Card, the New Driver’s Licence or your passport.
For further information customers are kindly asked to contact GPOC’s Customer Services Department on telephone number 226-3127 or email us at [email protected] .

Yours sincerely,
Guyana Post Office