Residents bemoan “deplorable” state of Coomacka access road

… will shorten lifespan of 5B’s school bus – CDC Chairman

By Utamu Belle

Residents and community leaders of Coomacka Mines area, in Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice) have bemoaned the deplorable state of the community’s main access road, as well as numerous internal road networks.

A section of the Coomacka access road
A section of the Coomacka access road
The state of an internal road at Coomacka
The state of an internal road at Coomacka

During an interview with Guyana Times, Chairman of the Coomacka Development Council (CDC) and Regional Councillor, Dexter Harding, registered his concern over the deplorable state of the road, more so against the backdrop of the recently gifted 15-seat minibus under President Granger’s ‘Five Bs’ initiative which is used to transport students within the small farming community.
Harding noted that the state of the roads may have damaging effects on the longevity of the school bus, while urging that necessary attention must be given. He said while he is in full support of the school bus to assist school children, he cannot run away from the fact that the Coomacka Mines access road is presently in a deplorable state.
He remarked that it was even more appalling that the President, at the time of the handing over of the bus, had to be re-routed to an access road used by Bosai Minerals Group Guyana Incorporated (BMGGI) to gain access into the community, given the state of the access road. Not only are residents of Coomacka affected as a result but Harding noted that nearby communities, such as Three Friends and Old England as well.
“… As it relates to the discomfort, [of residents] months after months for the three villages [Coomacka, Three Friends, Old England] I would not agree with the region for leaving it in that state. I would call on the Mayor and the Region [Regional Democratic Council] to have immediate attention be placed on the road. The Public Infrastructure Ministry and the relevant authorities should place immediate emphasis on the road because the longevity, the sustainability of the bus would not last,” Harding said.
He added that there are also issues with the bridge at Coomacka, since the contractor did “faulty” works and it is in the process of being repaired. Harding said over at the Three Friends area, the bridge had collapsed, adding that it is a route that the newly commissioned bus would have to take.
“I’m asking the region to intervene in this situation because this bus would be traversing to pick up the children,” he said.
Residents have complained that they are finding it difficult to gain access to their homes, as minibuses are abandoning the route, due to the state of the main access thoroughfare. Meanwhile, the issue of the bridge was discussed at a recent statutory meeting of the Regional Democratic Council (RDC), where Councillor Sandra Adams had indicated that it should be fixed to accommodate students who will be utilising the bus.