“Respect elders” – President Ali during visit to Dharm Shala

President Dr Irfaan Ali, along with Foreign Affairs Minister Hugh Todd, on Saturday attended a Christmas luncheon for residents of the Dharm Shala (Home of Benevolence for All Races) at the Lot 140 King Edward Street, Albouystown, Georgetown location.
Dr Ali paid a visit to the residents of the Dharm Shala, proving that his duties are not limited when it comes to serving the people of Guyana, the management of the Dharm Shala said on Sunday.
At the event, the President extended greetings to the residents on behalf of his Government.

President Dr Irfaan Ali serving Christmas lunch to the residents of the Dharm Shala (Office of the President photo)

Ali stated that his Government is committed to implementing programmes and policies that would benefit the elderly.
“I am very happy to be among you in celebrating not only Christmas but celebrating this moment in which we give back to our elderly. I want to assure you that in the coming years, we will be working on specific programmes, specific initiatives to ensure facilities like these [the Dharm Shala] are not only supported but the residents are also supported in key and important areas of life, like health care,” the President said while giving a speech to the residents.
He also noted that the residents could expect more social programmes, social support, and welfare programmes.
Ali also expressed how grateful he was to be present at the event while urging persons to respect their elders. “I say to you, all of you respected elders, I am so grateful to be here. It is my honour and I wish you continued good health. I wish you painless days. I wish you an environment in which you can enjoy the blessings of older age,” he said.
The Head of State also praised the Private Sector for its continuous embrace of its corporate social responsibility.

Foreign Affairs Minister Hugh Todd at the Dharm Shala

“I am so pleased with the role the Private Sector has been playing in our country. In all the activities I have attended, not only this season but since I assumed office, the Private Sector has been present on the programme in a big way. This tells us that we have a Private Sector now that is keen on corporate social responsibility,” he stated.
Ali, along with Minister Todd and a few others, assisted in serving the Christmas lunch to the residents.
President Ali and the Managing Director of Gaico Construction & General Services Inc also made monetary donations to the organisation.

The lunch was held in the merrily decorated reception area at the Dharm Shala compound. Christmas was provided by famous Guyanese musician CAMO which aided in the festive atmosphere.
Pamela Ramsaroop, who runs the Dharm Shala with her sister, thanked the President for attending the luncheon while providing an overview of the Dharm Shala for the year 2021.
April 21 of this year marked the 100th year of the Dharm Shala’s existence in Guyana. The charitable organisation provides food, clothing, and a bed to persons who are in need, free of cost.
Following the lunch on Saturday, the President distributed gifts to the children of Albouystown, Georgetown, who gathered outside the Dharm Shala during his visit. (G2)