Respect for laws is alien to PNC’s nature

Dear Editor,
Whether they are in the party or undercover in another party, the PNC would always be themselves; they cannot change. Instead of that party changing their horrendous ways and complying with the Constitution, they would rather change the Constitution to suit themselves. The foregoing affirmation has been verified as true and complete, amen.
The reason for me making that bold statement is that my findings are based on the bare facts of that party, which show who these people really are. They are persons who, once they get into power, never want to relinquish it. This is their modus operandi: under no circumstance should you relinquish power. With such a mindset as this, the PNC would always be at the crossroads with the law.
The Constitution, which is the supreme guide and compass, automatically becomes a problem for them.
I rose Friday morning to read that Raphael Trotman wants an amendment to the Constitution. Leader of The Alliance for Change (AFC), Raphael Trotman, (a PNC clone) is of the view that the time has come to amend the constitutional provision which stipulates that a dual citizen cannot sit in the National Assembly. According to that article, he did so with much conviction, having decorated that “belief” in sugar- coated language that Guyana would be bereft of real development if we shut the door to qualified Guyanese in the diaspora.
Very nice words coming from a man who is now faced with the consequences of honouring the Constitution as it relates to dual citizenship. He never thought that day would come when he and comrades would have to face up to that aspect of the Constitution. It was their mistaken belief that it was only the PPP/C who would have had to honour that constitutional requirement. When the Charrandas matter came up, he and friends in the Coalition gloated in the thought that it was only the PPP/C would have to respect that constitutional provision. But that is not the case, we all have to respect the Constitution on dual citizenship; none is excluded!
But this is classic PNC behaviour, they want laws that would fit into their narrow, corrupt agenda, and when this is not forthcoming, then change the laws. This has been the pattern of their operations ever since there was a party so named. Burnham made his own laws, then broke them whenever and wherever it fitted into his scheme. Others he simply ignored. And this is the well set path the so called reformed PNCR/APNU have followed.
Take, for example (and there are examples too numerous to mention), the matter of the selection of the GECOM Chairman. The law stipulates that the Opposition shall provide a list of six names from which the President should choose one such name. The Opposition Leader submitted three lists, eighteen names in total, and Granger contemptuously ignored every one of them and unilaterally appointed his puppet. These and other matters are a blatant disregard for law and order. Actions of this kind breathe lawlessness and the ushering in of a dictatorship. The PNC pay no heed to laws, they respect nothing that makes for the smooth and genuine governance of a nation.
In this regard, we treat this latest call from Trotman with the utmost contempt it deserves. We are in no mood to listen into any change of the Constitution. Absolutely not, Mr Trotman! We will not listen to you in any shape or form; the law is the law, and every tenet, every facet of it, must see complete fulfillment.
However, what we can do for you is to have your folks refresh your knowledge of Article 106 (6) and its implications. That law is still there, and still to be respected by your Government.

Neil Adams