Response to letter titled “Defending our Territory”

It is not unusual for attempts to be made to rewrite the history of aviation in Guyana. This letter is in direct response to the letter at caption, published by Guyana Times on 27th August, 2022. These are some of the facts.
All of the reconnaissance flights into the region known as the New River Triangle were done by Guyana Airways pilots using mainly the following company aircraft.
1. Two Twin Otters
2. One Gruman Goose (Amphibian)
3. One Helio Courier owned by the Guyana Police Force and flown by Guyana Airways pilots.
4. One Cessna 310
The pilots of the Guyana Airways Corporation were specifically requested for this operation, and were tasked with responsibility of training, planning, and execution of the flight operations’ aspect of the mission by the Prime Minister at the time. Consequently, all the preflight training and flight logistics were done by Guyana Airways Corporation pilots.
Upon the successful completion of the mission, the four pilots involved were awarded the following medals:
One pilot was awarded the “Cacique Crown of Valour” while the other 3 received the “Golden Arrow of Achievement.
Unlike the author’s erroneous statement about the Guyana Defence Force air transporting troops to put down the Rupununi Uprising, the fact is that it was the Guyana Airways Corporation’s DC3 aircraft, flown by their pilots, that ferried the troops at night to the Rupununi.
In the initial stages of the Jonestown tragedy, it was much of the same. Guyana Airways Corporation used their aircraft; namely, the Hawker Sidley 748 and a Twin Otter, to ferry troops in the night to Matthews Ridge.
Fortunately, the two main pilots that took part in both the Rupununi and New River Triangle missions are still alive today.
All for your information and guidance.

Rodwell Paul