RHTY&SC, Beharry’s 5-over cricket to start soon

The Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club (RHTY&SC), M.S and the Edward B. Beharry and Company Limited would shortly be unveiling the second edition of their joint ‘Say No to Drugs, Crime and Suicide and Yes to Education, Sports and Life Campaign.’
The 2016 edition would target youths in Regions Five and Six and would have the ‘B’ Division of the Guyana Police Force and the Region Six Department of the Ministry of Education as partners.

Flashback! Representatives of the Beharry Group and the RHTY&SC display the banner at the launch of the competition in 2015
Flashback! Representatives of the Beharry Group and the RHTY&SC display the banner at the launch of the competition in 2015

As part of an expanded programme for 2016, a five-over ‘Say No to Suicide’ cricket tournament would be organised for 40 teams across Berbice. The Ancient County would be divided into four sub-divisions – West Berbice, New Amsterdam/Canje, Lower Corentyne and Upper Corentyne.
Ten teams would come from each sub-division and they would play each other in a one day tournament before moving on to the grand finals. The top three teams from each zone would move on to the finals, where the winning team would receive a winner’s prize of $150,000 and a trophy, the losing finalist $75,000 and trophy and the third place $25,000 and trophy.
The winner of each zone would carry home a prize package of $15,000.
RHTY&SC Secretary/CEO, Hilbert Foster, stated that the tournament would be used by the organisers to promote the ‘Say No and Say Yes’ messages to numerous villages across the county, and as such each zones would be given a theme to be promoted.
West Berbice’s theme shall be ‘Say No to Suicide’, New Amsterdam/Canje – ‘Say No to Drugs’, Lower Corentyne – ‘Say No to Crime’ and Central/Upper Corentyne – ‘Say Yes to Life, Education and Sports.’
A senior officer of the Guyana Police Force would address teams before the start of each zone tournament and the grand finals. Clubs taking part in the tournament would also be provided with posters and youth information booklets for them to promote the messages in their respective areas.
Teams in the tournament would only be allowed to play two first division players who have played a combined four matches in 2015 and 2016, while players who are debarred from playing second division by the Berbice Cricket Board would not be allowed to play.
Bowlers would only be allowed to bowl one over per game, while only two players would be allowed out of the 30-yard circle in the first over. For the remaining four overs, a maximum of four fielders would be allowed out of the circle.
In an effort to create excitement for spectators, the organisers would also award a six for any boundary scored off a free hit, while eight runs would be given for a six hit off a free hit.
Matches that are tied would be decided on a Super Over. The organisers would provide umpires for the tournament, music set/PA System for every venue and balls for the finals.
The RHTY&SC, M.S would like to extend an official invitation to clubs across Berbice to enter the competition on a come first basis. Teams can contact the club on telephone number 337-4562 or email [email protected] before May 20.
Notably, teams would also have to submit a 15-man squad and clearly state their two first division players.