RHTY&SC hosts first ever Tribute to Municipality Workers programme for Rose Hall Town

– receives donation from GK Inc

The 11 cricket teams of the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club last Friday hosted their first Tribute to Municipality Workers programme as the club blazes away to fulfill its target of holding 700 activities for 2021.
Brainchild of Club Secretary/ CEO Hilbert Foster, the programme’s main objective is to recognise and honour the outstanding workers of the Rose Hall Town Council who, on a daily basis, work beyond the call of duty in the development of Guyana’s smallest township.
A total of 10 workers were honoured – five from the junior staff and five from the administrative section. Those honoured were Town Clerk Natasha Griffith; Head of Market Section, Shelly Clarke; Head of Security, Sharon Mc Allister; Head of the Works section, Travis Mc Allister; and Treasurer Seromanie Ramdhial, along with Miranda Rodney, Esther Fraser, Leonard Cooper, Drupattie Peters and Stephen Ramsingh.
In a short presentation, Foster said that since the club was established in 1990, it has benefited from the services of the Town Council, and despite some rough periods, it has also enjoyed a good working relationship with the Council and its leadership.
He recalled that management of the club had committed to working along with the Council to make a positive difference in the township at the start of the year, and has fulfilled that commitment with several major donations and the installation of close to 40 street lights across the town.
In the past, the club had spearheaded the restoration of the Area H Ground, constructed a children’s playfield, raised funds for an all-weather court, erected street signs, constructed a charity kitchen and a 175th monument, among numerous community projects in the township.

Awardees of the Tribute programme pose with Mayor Dave Budhoo

Residents have also benefited from numerous medical outreaches, youth fairs, musical evenings, cleanup campaigns, Christmas villages and job fairs, while the club has organised the town’s anniversary celebrations on five different occasions, including a 2017 memorable 175th celebration of the formation of Rose Hall Village.
Foster, one of the selected few from the township to have received a national award from the Government of Guyana, has urged the awardees to uphold their high standards, and to always be courteous and polite while serving the residents of the town.
He congratulated the Town Clerk and Mayor Dave Budhu on their outstanding leadership of the town with the limited resources at their disposal. He recommitted the club to assisting the council as much as possible, and announced that the RHTY&SC would continue to sponsor the Tribute programme in the future.
Town Clerk Natasha Griffith said the council is delighted to work along with the club, which is a household name across the county. She hailed the cooperation of the management of the club in the development of the small town.
Mayor Budhu said the council is very grateful for the club, and would join hands with it to host the first Major’s Tribute programme for workers. He said the RHTY&SC had expanded the programme at the last stage to include more workers after the initial propose to honour just four workers.
He wished the cricket teams all the best in the future, and saluted them on being outstanding ambassadors of Rose Hall Town.
Each of the awardees received a medal of excellence, framed certificate of excellence, a food hamper and a special gift. On the request of the mayor, the club would next month donate a microwave oven to the council.
Meanwhile, a delegation from the Georgetown-based GK Inc visited the office of the club and held a fruitful discussion with Secretary Hilbert Foster and his deputy Simon Naidu on plans to make a difference in the lives of youths using the forum of sports and education.
Managing Director of the company, Mr Ramdeo Kumar, has said he was impressed with the work of the club, and would like to collaborate with it to make sure that youths who are involved in sports also understand the importance of education.
Kumar handed a quantity of medical supplies to Foster for distribution. The items included face masks, face shields and blood glucose monitoring systems. The company also made a financial contribution of fifty thousand dollars towards a house restoration project, the club is currently undertaking for one of its junior members.